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How Meditation Can Enhance Your Creativity

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Tapping into creative potential is often easier said than done. In a world where errands, jobs, and domestic responsibilities are priority, little room is left for inspiration.

Meditation lends a hand here by allowing us to slow down, breathe, and let the creative juices flow freely.

Decluttering the Mind

In our day-to-day lives, we often live in the left brain, concerned with facts and figures and logic-based approaches. Meditation helps us quiet this side of the brain and tap into the intuitive, creative aspects of ourselves. Once we slow the mind and step into the subconscious, all outside stimuli and concerns fade away, leaving us with a blank canvas to figuratively (and literally) paint on.

Take a few moments each day to breathe deeply and switch gears, nudging the dominant mind to the backburner and allowing inspiration to take hold. It’s only when we give ourselves space between the thoughts that we can begin to open the channels of creativity.

Finding the Aha! Moment

Have you ever thought so long and hard about something that you found yourself back at square one with no answers or solutions? When we overthink, we do our minds no favors, taxing it and draining it of every creative drop available.

Ironically, “eureka” moments often come to us when we least expect them to—i.e., when we’re not trying so hard. In a meditative state, the pressure to perform is off.

Once again, the key here is relieving the mind of all pressure and obligations. Free of all expectations of what we should be doing, thinking, and creating, we’re given a beautiful opportunity to sit back, embrace the ohm, and encourage that elusive aha! to show up.

Setting Intentions

The first step in enhancing creativity is setting an intention to do so. These yoga blogs, for instance, feature yoga students, teachers, and enthusiasts who use the mindfulness foundations of yoga and meditation to lead their lives with intention and purpose.

Intentions are more than wishes or desires; they’re focused, actionable efforts aimed at a specific goal. If you want to reach your creative potential, you have to get your head in the game.

This is easily accomplished by enhancing your meditation sessions with a goal, affirmation, or mantra to focus on. For instance, you may choose to repeat a phrase such as: “I feel my creativity growing every day,” or “I am a channel for divine creation.”

There is no right or wrong way to set an intention, so go with your gut and align with what feels and sounds right. Simply make sure that whatever you choose to focus on, chant, or affirm, fills you with inspiration and the motivation to reach higher.

Using Visualization

Incorporating visualization into your meditation sessions allows you to anchor your intentions onto a visual representation of your creative plans. This is a great way to let your goals bloom and grow into the world of imagination.

You can start by languidly daydreaming, giving life to your aspirations and seeing them play out in the mind’s eye, then slowly refining focus. Once you ease into this practice, the sky’s the limit!

During meditations of this kind, it’s important to make an effort to silence the inner critic. Limiting beliefs may crop up as you visualize your goals, which can throw a wrench in the works. Simply refocus your efforts and quiet the naysaying, negative voices of the mind.

Think of visualization as a fun, effective method that not only allows you to create the life that you want, but enhances your inherent creative skills in the process.

The key to unlocking creative potential lies in the practice of stillness, quiet contemplation, and focused intention…namely, everything that meditation brings to the table! Take a few moments each day to unplug, tap in, and allow your creative side to flourish.

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