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10 Meditation Teachers That Are Making a Difference in Singapore

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Whether you’re visiting a meditation center in Singapore, or seeking out a specific practice, we’ve rounded up nine meditation teachers that could help you find a sense of calm the next time you’re feeling lost in the city. 

This article is part of our Mindful Living Guide to Singapore with tons of tips for happy, healthy and mindful living in Singapore.

Hendrick Dhammakamo
For when bad habit start creeping into your day

Sceptical of meditation but frequently find yourself a bit disenchanted by materialism? You could take a trip to see former ‘bad boy’ and founder of The Hermitage, Hendrick Dhammakamo—aka ‘DK’. Describing his journey as something that took him ‘from sleeze to zen’, DK is a mindfulness guide, a meditation teacher, a transition mentor and former buddhist monk. 

Since disrobing and returning to Singapore in 2017, DK has shared his transformative journey. His teaching helps translate intellectual and spiritual knowledge into simple and easy to integrate steps, which is no easy task! 

With a mission to bring Zen into the city, find out more about DK and his teachings here.

Check out his Website and Facebook.

Suraya Sam
For when you want to explore different meditation techniques

With an impressive 22,000 registered educator hours clocked up with the Yoga Alliance, Suraya Sam (or Sue for short), is a certified yoga teacher, meditation leader, aromatherapy and gong practitioner. Helping people connect to their various layers via the mind, body and breath, Sue combines her vast knowledge to help others grow.

A spiritual soul since birth, Sue was guided by her mother and has been exploring ‘self’ since her teens. Having had ancient wisdom passed down through various holistic practitioners in her family, Sue successfully helps people work towards positive personal development.

As co-creator of House of Ascend, Sue facilitates various meditation techniques, including a calming gong meditation. Find out more here

Check out her Website and Facebook.

Dawn Sim
For when you want to try meditation with the kids

You’ve probably heard the word ‘mindful’ a lot over the past few years. It’s often offered as a more accessible way into meditation. Focusing people on their emotions, thoughts and feelings in the present moment, Dawn Sim helps connect adults and children with an embracing attitude of openness. 

Dawn is a skilled psychotherapist who has undergone extensive training. Enabling people to lead a happy and purposeful life, Dawn worked in Osaka, Paris, Hong Kong and New York before (luckily for us) settling in Singapore. 

Founding The Mindful Camp for children, Dawn continues to bring wellbeing and life skills to people across the city, which is pretty cool. Find out more here

Check out her Website and Linkedin.

Jacky Lam Wan Tsun
For when you want to breathe a little deeper

If you love a mindful meditation practice, you could book in with Jacky Lam Wan Tsun. A certified Breatheology™ instructor, Jacky helps people become more aware of their breath. To make breathwork accessible to all, Jacky guides those who practice with him to a deeper level of mindfulness. Breathing deeply is magic…surely? It’s just so soothing! 

Once a competitive beatboxer, Jacky has always been fascinated at how humans can self-regulate through breath patterns. As founder of the Mindful Alchemy, Jacky fosters and encourages an empathetic and nurturing space for his students to practice. Guiding people towards self-awareness, he continues to learn and share from the wealth of knowledge that surrounds him. 

To explore and understand the infinite possibilities of a yoga and meditation practice with Jacky, find out more here

Check out his Website and Instagram.

Vikas Malkani
For those who want to learn how to teach others to meditate

Founder of SoulCentre and bestselling author, Vikas has been empowering people through his teachings for many years. Having been called the World’s Number 1 Wisdom Coach, he confidently guides people towards happiness, contentment and overall success. Pretty impressive!

Always dreamed of becoming a mindfulness teacher? A leading educator of mindfulness and meditation at the SoulCentre, Vikas trains people, so that they too can become teachers. With his extensive wisdom and passion for spreading joy and abundance, attend a session with Vikas to feel seriously empowered. 

Fancy becoming a meditation teacher? Contact Vikas and the team here.

Check out his Website and Facebook.

Yii Hui Lee
For anyone battling burn-out and anxiety issues

As someone who has previously suffered from burn-out and anxiety attacks, Hui Lee is able to understand the anguishes of modern life. A certified mindfulness, meditation teacher and anxiety therapist, she helps people from all walks of life. Making self-improvement accessible, she is passionate about breaking the taboos that surround mental health, which is just so important. 

Leading the green community of The Golden Space in Singapore, Hui Lee understands the importance of Mother Earth and her healing properties. With a firm belief that everyone is beautiful, her motto is ‘Unleash your imagination, dare to dream and make it your reality’. So nice! 

To practice with Yii Hui Lee and discover the various techniques she is adept at offering, contact her here

Check out her Website and Instagram.

Tan Cheen Chong
For the corporate warriors struggling with stress

Conducting mindfulness training in Singapore, Tan Cheen Chong (or Cheen for short) helps people unlock their innate ability with balance and self-belief. He studied to become a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher at the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Centre for Mindfulness and continues his mission to bring calm to his students. 

Training groups of students, teachers, caregivers and more since 2014, Cheen encourages awareness of the thoughts and emotions that trouble the many corporate warriors across Singapore. 

As founder of NowYourmind™, children and adults can benefits from Cheen’s mindfulness and self-care training. Find out more here

Check out his Website and Facebook.

Helen Clare Rozario
For when life gets tough and you’re not sure where to turn

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Media Management, Helen experienced quite the cosmopolitan journey before meditation began to transform her life. Recovering from alcoholism, addiction and mental illness, Helen founded Nirvana Mind to become more purposeful and help serve others. 

Helen has created a gorgeous, thriving, conscious and safe space for all with Nirvana Mind. Offering visitors scientific solutions and evidence based offerings, she has made mindfulness and meditation something everyone can work with—even if they’re really struggling.

To explore the Nirvana Mind’s schedule and Helen’s inspiring approach, find out more here.

Check out her Website and Instagram.

Rio Komiya
For when you want to learn how to support yourself

Rie Komiya offers space for her students to heal and discover themselves. A kind and gentle soul from Japan, Rie began her own inward journey once she realised she had spent most of her life caught in the endless cycle of trying to please other people.

Offering Kundalini Yoga classes and Crystal Singing Bowls healing sessions, Rie guides souls towards their truth and gives them the tools needed to genuinely nurture themselves. Rie’s classes and workshops are so soothing and empowering, they might even help you break that frustrating people-pleasing habit.

Explore Rie’s schedule and find out more here and here.

Check out her Website and Instagram.

Danielle Van de Valde
For when you want to establish a regular meditation practice

Hands up if you’ve started a meditation practice before but watched it fall away when life gets really busy. Well, you’re not the only one. Helping anyone new to meditation get to grips with the basics, Danielle Van de Velde breaks down meditation and makes it accessible to all. 

Perfect for anyone who wants to reestablish a flagging practice, Dani makes the why, what and how of meditation simple and easy to understand. Dani has been practicing and teaching meditation for over 25 years. She is an Usui Reiki Master, speaker, and writer. Dani helps others work their way through personal change and into spirit-led living. 

Book for an in-person session with Dani, or find out more about her many mediation courses here.

Check out her Website and Facebook.

Whether you’re new to meditation or simply looking to deepen your practice, there’s a teacher amongst the bright lights who help guide you through. Phew! 

Did you know? 

This article is part of The Mindful Living Guide to Singapore – your guide to happy, healthy, and mindful living in the red dot. Click here to discover places and mindful activities that you and your whole family can enjoy.

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