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Yoga for a Balanced Yogi Body With Briohny Smyth (VIDEO)

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One of the best things about yoga is the holistic benefits you get—you don’t just feel better physically, but you also feel lighter and calmer mentally and emotionally. That said, you can also easily tailor your practice to focus on specific goals, whether it’s fitness, strength, stress relief, or flexibility.

If you are new to yoga or simply want a more ‘all-around’ practice, this quick class from Briohny Smyth is all you need to get started. This class is part of the 14-Day Yoga Body Challenge, which is designed to give you body and breath awareness and build strength and flexibility.

Practice with Bri as she guides you through a session of yoga for a balanced yogi body that’ll leave you feeling fitter and stronger, while making sure you stay well-aligned and injury-free in your practice.

Featured in New York Magazine, The Guardian, and The Washington Post
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