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Watch This Revealing Video of Nude Yoga Girl

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Instagram’s Nude Yoga Girl made a video and it is so beautiful!

In the past few months much intrigue has been built around her and the beautiful yoga photography she posts on Instagram. Now, she reveals her true intentions and her thoughts about yoga with this graceful yoga flow.

If after watching this stunning video, you feel inspired, why not work on your own practice and sign up to the free 30 Day Yoga Challenge. You can guarantee Nude Yoga Girl didn’t get to be so graceful by only practicing once or twice a week! A consistent practice will help you move with fluidity and a sense of grace.

Who exactly is Nude Yoga Girl?

Nobody knows who Nude Yoga Girl is because she prefers to remain anonymous to the public. All we know is that she’s a model and photographer, English isn’t her native language, and that her beautiful photos are shot in her home studio.

In this recent video, she talks about her past as model and how yoga helped her gain confidence and love her body. These beautiful black and white images is her way of expressing her love and passion for yoga and photography, and all she wants is to inspire people to love themselves.

So what are you waiting for — hit play on the video above and see the beauty of yoga and movement for yourself!

Featured in New York Magazine, The Guardian, and The Washington Post
Featured in the Huffington Post, USA Today, and VOGUE

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