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Tips for Yoga Teachers – Part Two

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In Part One, we covered the financial and professional aspects of yoga teaching, as well as tips on how to strengthen your teaching, and how to land a job at your favorite yoga studio.

For Part Two, we’ll share inspirational and insightful content shared with us by yoga teachers on what it’s like to be and live as a yoga teacher. So this includes self-care practices to make sure you don’t feel burned out from teaching, how to manage your time, and managing your students’ and other people’s expectations of you as a yoga teacher.

Tips for New Yoga Teachers What Happens After Your Teacher TrainingWhat Happens After Your Teacher Training?

I decided that even though I was certified, I was not going to teach. I was too unsure of the unknown, scared that I would forget a sequence, or even worse, not remember any asanas. Read more…

5 Things You Might Not Know About Teaching Yoga5 Things You Might Not Know About Teaching Yoga

I’ve loved being a yoga teacher since 2007 and a fitness instructor since 2002, but it’s not all bendy, sweaty, carefree fun. If you’re considering a path as a teacher, there are a few things you might like to know. Read more…

Kate Connell-Private Yoga Teacher's Guide To Time ManagementThe Private Yoga Teacher’s Guide To Managing Time

Having rules around your time doesn’t have to feel rigid. Educating our clients on how they can be best supported by us is a great example of boundaries and makes for an excellent conversation. Read more…

7-Survival-Strategies-For-Yoga-Teachers7 Survival Strategies for Yoga Teachers

Here are a few tips for all yoga teachers wanting to create a sustainable living and overall happy trek through the Yoga Jungle. Read more…

5 Reasons You Shouldnt Feel Bad About Being Paid to Teach Yoga5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Being Paid to Teach Yoga

Some yogis and schools of thought believe yoga is all about peace and love so it should be free, but some don’t. Here are five reasons you might want to request compensation for your worth as a yoga educator. Read more…

Affirmations for Yoga Teachers Who Still Can't Do Badass Yoga PosesAffirmations For Yoga Teachers Who Still Can’t Do Badass Yoga Poses

This is why I became a yoga teacher: I wanted to help people heal, as I have found healing from this beautifully transformative practice. Read more…

Woman striking yoga poseAn Emergency-Proof Guide for Traveling Yoga Teachers

We’ve all been there. You’ve prepped lesson plans, primed your practice, readied playlists, printed boarding passes, and finally, you’ve packed your bags. You think you’ve thought of everything. Read more…

Why I Don't Want to Be A Guru A Letter From a Yoga TeacherWhy I Don’t Want to Be A Guru: A Letter From a Yoga Teacher

I have had students ask me if I will be their guru. While I applaud your desire to learn from a spiritual guide, that person is not me. Read more…

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