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These 10 Instagram Accounts Will Take Your Self-Care Game to the Next Level

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Self-care is the conscious engagement in measures that cultivate our physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health. Self-care activities include restful sleep, healthy foods, stress management, positive communication, and mindful meditation.

If you’re on Instagram often and need some self-love on the fly, these 10 accounts will give you just that. We hope this list inspires you to tune inward and up your self-care game—just give these IG influencers a follow.

1. House of Plant Lovers (@houseofplantlovers)

Photo Credit: Bonnie Weeks

It’s always nice to be surrounded by greenery. House of Plant Lovers shares photos mainly for design inspiration, but the posts are so visually calming and charming! They are specially

curated and mindfully composed to induce relaxation and rouse us to liven up our surroundings—using plants!

2. My Easy Therapy (@myeasytherapy)

Photo Credit: The Self-Care Kit

Talk about therapy on the go! My Easy Therapy curates simple, helpful ideas for achieving emotional and mental wellness. Each day, its 60K-strong community of followers receives uplifting and empowering messages on emotional regulation and self-love.

Ready for self-care, cutesy illustrations, and motivational statements—all in one feed? Join the community! 

3. Annette (@theburntoutbrain)

Leave it to @TheBurntOutBrain to provide wholesome content that makes you feel powerful enough to get you through life’s stresses, big and small.

This feed offers daily reminders and tips to help you prevent, well, burnout. It also shares techniques for recognizing and managing feelings like overwhelm, despair, and anxiety.

4. Self-Care Is A Priority (@selfcareisapriority)

The road to holistic wellness is a long and often winding one. This journey becomes less scary, not as daunting, or, dare we say, fun, however, when you share your experiences with others!

What makes this feed so compelling is that it makes you feel like you’re part of an inclusive, supportive community of real-life people who, like you, are on the same path toward self-discovery and growth.

5. Laura Jones (@laurajaneillustrations)

Italy-based artist Laura Jones spreads happy vibes by keeping her feed chipper in bright hues. She brings “daily pops of positivity” with her colorful illustrations and reminders about the real beauty of being human.

Her messages emphasize the importance of loving our flaws and acknowledging the not-so-good emotions we sometimes have.

Her words of encouragement can put a little pep in your step, especially in the mornings—giving you hope you’ll actually make it through difficult days alive and kicking.

6. Orawan Siripin (@oraarts)

Credit: Orawan Siripin

Orawan Siripin from Bangkok runs @oraarts, an Instagram account featuring her own beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations. From her feed, you’ll notice how she grew from a hand lettering novice to the artistic wonder she is today.

Not only are her black-and-white doodles works of art, they also express words and thoughts meant to inspire and reshape the way you think.

7. Meditation & Mindfulness (@meditation_and_mindfulness)

With daily posts of inspirational messages, Meditation & Mindfulness guides its IG followers toward finding calm and inner peace. This Instagram account promotes meditation and gives actionable tips to help us become more mindful in our daily lives. 

8. The Artidote (@theartidote)

Credit: Brian Deyoung

Jovanny Varela Ferreyra is the man behind The Artidote. With 1 million followers and counting, this feed features contemporary artistic expressions conveying socially relevant issues, and values of empathy, inner healing, and community.

The posts create a positive space for storytelling, letting art become the antidote to the poisonous negativity of the world—hence the portmanteau, artidote.

9. Positive Mindset Daily (@positivemindsetdaily)

Need inspiration on how to live an actively conscious and holistic life?

Check out Positive Mindset Daily’s straightforward IG feed. It shares uplifting quotes to improve your wellbeing and motivate you to lead a life of gratitude and optimism. Every post either imparts uplifting messages about self-love or offers suggestions on how to become the best version of yourself.

10. Artsy Affirmations (@artsyaffirmations)

Did you know? Positive affirmations can help lower your stress and anxiety levels and make you feel better about yourself.

Faith and Kerra Henke are the ladies behind Artsy Affirmations. Here, they produce quirky, eye-catching posters containing messages that help you release negative thoughts. What’s the value of letting go of self-limiting ideas, you ask? Well, you create space and give way for the best version of you to come out, obviously!

So if you ever find yourself feeling sad, overwhelmed, tired, or stuck, check out these awesome accounts on Instagram! Go ahead and fill your feed with feel-goodery, lightness, healing, and self-love, and watch how both your mood and life improve!


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