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The Week in Yoga #87

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Well, the new year is in full swing! And DOYOU has got you covered.

This week's edition of the Week in Yoga will have you rocking a "no resolutions" New Year, reasons why 2016 is the perfect year to go on a yoga retreat, and some of the most beautiful places to do yoga in New York City.

Get all your weekly dose of yoga right here, and enjoy!

no resolutionsHow to Rock a "No Resolutions" New Year

When it comes to resolutions, there’s one thing that’s typically missing: resolve. So how do we avoid the perpetual cycle of making and breaking resolutions? Here are a few easy tips to consider, and rock a “no resolutions” New Year. Read more…

sphinx poseHow to do Sphinx Pose

Sphinx Pose is a wonderful, entry-level backbend that most yogis can access. Its Sanskrit name, Salamba Bhujangasana, means Supported Cobra Pose. Read more…

books to inspire6 Books to Inspire Your Best Year Yet

It’s that reflection-inducing time of year again when we can’t help but put our lives under the microscope. As we welcome the New Year in, we hold our breath, full of hope and set intentions to draw our dreams ever closer. Read more…

yoga retreat5 Reasons to Go on a Yoga Retreat

Ever wondered whether a yoga retreat is for you? Often thought about it but never found the time/money? Here are my top 5 reasons to make sure that this year is finally the year that you take that long dreamed about yoga retreat. Read more…

yoga for athletes7 Unexpected Benefits of Yoga For Athletes

Many of us already know that athletes use yoga all over the world to benefit their athleticism. And it’s not breaking news that yoga increases flexibility in your soft tissues so you are less likely to strain or sprain any joints or muscles. Read more…

swami sivanandaThe 5 Points of Yoga According to Swami Sivananda

Anyone who has stepped foot in a yoga studio understands that the practice of yoga is a lot more than just exercises. But with so much information about yoga as a spiritual discipline and way-of-life, the whole thing can get pretty confusing. Even the yamas and niyamas can seem overwhelming. Read more…

most beautiful places to do yoga in nyc5 Most Beautiful Places to do Yoga in NYC

New York City, the city that never sleeps, filled with life every corner you turn. There is happiness and sadness. There are new people everywhere, and with every person we cross, there is a lesson to be learned. Read more…

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