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How to Rock a “No Resolutions” New Year

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When it comes to resolutions, there’s one thing that’s typically missing: resolve.

When the confetti is falling, and that New Year’s optimism is still heavy in the air, we may decide a few things — whether it’s to lose some weight, start/grow a business, or finally make time for love. That's good, really, but…

When Things Get Real

Somewhere around mid-January, however, our motivation is stuck on snooze, and the urge to stay in bed another hour and skip our workout session is strong. That’s when things get real. That’s when resolutions become empty wishes and once-upon-a-time stories — half written, of course.

So how do we avoid the perpetual cycle of making and breaking resolutions? Here are a few easy tips to consider, and rock a "no resolutions" New Year:

1. Stop Doing Math

You have 12 lbs. to lose to fit into that size 4. Then of course there’s your cousin’s wedding in 19 days, and wouldn't it be great to be at goal weight by then? So here’s what you do: you measure and weigh every meal, step on the scale every morning, and obsess over every morsel that goes into your mouth.

It’s no wonder you end up craving junk food and morphing into a moody, hangry beast. You’ve sucked all of the joy out of your journey, simply because you’ve made your goals a math problem. There’s a reason I hate math, folks!

Instead, spend some time reading about healthy foods, learning to cook them, and make a habit of trying  whole foods you never tasted. Make this weight loss journey a pleasure, a time to nurture your body and be fully present at every meal.

2. Shift Your Focus

Beyond weight loss, approach all your resolutions with an attitude of  “I get to do this,” rather than, “I have to do this.” Shift your focus and think about all the benefits that you’ll reap if you stick to your resolutions.

It’s all about attitude! So keep yours positive.

What are your goals for the New Year? Leave us a comment below.

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