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The Week in Yoga #85

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Happy Holidays, dear yogis! This week's edition of The Week in Yoga is full of yoga goodness to help you out this holiday season. From yoga poses to help in the fight against depression, to some wonderful acts of kindness you should work into your life, we've got you covered.

So read on, enjoy, and stay calm, cool, and collected as we finish up the holiday season!

combating depression with yogaCombating Depression with Yoga

Adding yoga to your life when you are struggling emotionally can be an excellent adjunct therapy. While this isn’t the advice of a doctor or mental wellness expert (and please see one if you feel you need one), yoga can be an excellent tool when combating depression. Read more…

inspiring acts of kindness9 Inspiring Acts of Kindness

What comes to mind when you think of the holiday season? Unfortunately, a lot of people focus too much on the stress of buying presents, planning parties, and perfectly decorating their trees. Let’s change our holiday attitudes by doing things that make us and others feel good again. Read more…

things only yogis know8 Things Only Yogis Know

While it may feel daunting to imagine the work needed to be a yogi, nearly two thousand years ago, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali emerged with an eightfold path guiding the transformative journey. And this eightfold path shows 8 things only yogis know. Read more…

rock christmas like a yogi5 Ways to Rock Christmas Like a Yogi

‘Tis the season to do frenzied shopping in crowded malls, to spend way more money than you planned to, and to curse that one burnt Christmas bulb that screwed the whole strand. Or maybe not. Read more…

beatles yoga retreatThe Beatles' Yoga Retreat to be Opened to the Public

The Beatles’ White Album is one of the most iconic albums of all time, and the trip that helped create that album is one of the most famous in rock music history. Now, after having been in disrepair since 1981, the Beatles’ yoga ashram is being opened to the public. Read more…

old people doing yoga11 Adorable Old People Doing Yoga

In 1513, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce De Leon discovered the Fountain of Youth, a famous spring that was thought to restore youth to those who sipped or bathed in its pure waters. Unfortunately, that spring was either a myth, has since evaporated, or lost its potency. But there is still a magic bullet for youth. It’s yoga! Read more…

meditations for pre-teens and teens10 Cool Meditations for Pre-Teens and Teens

Children can benefit greatly from meditation. Children over the age of nine start to have more awareness of their thoughts, and that’s when we can start exploring meditations which involve being aware of your mind. Read more…

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