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5 Ways to Rock Christmas Like a Yogi

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'Tis the season to eat sugar by the pound thanks to cookie swaps, hot chocolate with whipped topping, and a million other confections on shiny holiday platters. 'Tis the season to do frenzied shopping in crowded malls, to spend way more money than you planned to, and to curse that one burnt Christmas bulb that screwed the whole strand.

Or maybe not. Maybe this year, there will be no bickering with the family, no tension in the neck, and moments where you wonder why you even bother. Don’t spend the holiday season doing this…

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Rock Christmas like a yogi. Here are 5 ways to do it.

1. Bring the Dog

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When your cat knocks the tree over for the third time, bring the dog — Down Dog that is. Get on all fours and rock that asana. Worry about the mess later.

2. Be Like Bruce

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Much of the stress we encounter over the holidays could be avoided if we’d just say no.

Don’t feel bad about turning down invites that conflict with other obligations, or cut into your much-needed personal time. Don’t forgo your meditation so you can drag yourself to another mind-numbing activity.

Be like Bruce, and say no to whatever doesn’t feed your soul this season.

3. Don’t Force Martha Moments

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What’s better than building a gingerbread house with the kids? Or hunting for 36 obscure ingredients to make that elaborate recipe your foodie friend swears by? How about crafting that holiday wreath you saw online? Never mind that you’re busy as hell already, and that every time you use a glue gun you end up with a blistered hand and a half-finished project.

If you want to make Martha moments this holiday, consider this: we’re not all cut out for crafting, cooking, and do-it-yourself-ing. Don’t try to fit into someone else’s shoes. Embrace the barefoot life, yogi!

4. Let Go of the Plan

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So you have lists, plans, and expectations as high as the beehive hairstyle your great aunt will be wearing to the party? So what happens when the cookies burn, your best bud’s gift doesn’t ship, or something even bigger goes awry?

Let’s hope you remember how to breathe deeply and do what yogis do best: become flexible. Remember Kevin McCallister’s reaction when his parents left him behind.

5. Have Compassion

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So remember when the cat knocked over the tree? Well, he’s not happy with the scolding you gave him, or the names you called him as he scurried from the crime scene. You’ll have to have compassion on him when he attempts to pay you back for that indiscretion.

And while you’re at it, have compassion for your mail carrier, who is working like a mule to deliver all those packages. Have compassion for the cashier who’s been on her feet for a double shift, dealing with the not-so-cheery consumers in retail.

The best gift you can give is not on sale. A compassionate spirit is the yogi way.

How are you rocking Christmas like a yogi this year? Leave a note in the comments!

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