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The Week In Yoga #20

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Have you been feeling a bit low on energy lately? Or maybe you’ve been longing for a relaxing getaway, perhaps a yoga retreat, but you don’t exactly have the resources for it just yet? Are you feeling relaxed at home, but tired of watching and seeing the same stuff on TV?

If any or all of these just described you, you’ll love this week’s roundup! We give you inspiration, documentaries, yoga poses, and more in today’s The Week In Yoga. Check these out:

5 Yoga Poses To Boost Your Energy5 Yoga Poses To Boost Your Energy

We all have times where our energy lags a little and taking a nap is just not an option. Fortunately for you, there are a few yoga poses you can whip out in a pinch to help give you a boost so that you can power on through the rest of your day. Here are some of them. Read more…

10 Steps To Have A Yoga Retreat At Home10 Steps To Have A Yoga Retreat At Home

Yoga retreats can be inspiring, rejuvenating, life changing…and budget breaking. You can create an at-home retreat that feels like a mini-vacation. The key is to make some time that is dedicated to being indulgent. A long weekend dedicated to yourself and your practice can feed your soul. Read more…

6 Inversions For Every Yoga Practice Level

Inversions let you see the world in a different way…literally. First and foremost, they help you relax. But in addition, they will challenge you, and as you are able to hold these postures, you can’t help but experience a boost in self-confidence. Read more…

6 Yoga Documentaries Worth Checking Out6 Yoga Documentaries Worth Checking Out

When was the last time a DVD or a movie left you so inspired you wanted to rush to the mat, investigate a new yoga class, or even change the world? If your Netflix stream has nothing other than Millionaire Matchmaker and America’s Next Top Model, then it’s time to check out these yoga documentaries. Read more…

10 Reasons To Start Your Day With Yoga10 Reasons To Start Your Day With Yoga

Yoga has a myriad of benefits no matter what time of the day we practice. But there’s just something profoundly special about rolling out your mat at the start of the day, that even a 10-minute practice can do wonders. Why? Check these out. Read more…

Yoga Helped Me Become A Walking, Bending, Flexing Miracle

At the age of 26, I broke my back; burst and compression fracture of T-12 vertebrae. They told me I would never walk again. No bowel, no bladder, no sexual function for the rest of my life. Read more…

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