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Yoga Helped Me Become A Walking, Bending, Flexing Miracle

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For me to tell my story I have to take you back…

I got sick and almost died at age 7 when I was diagnosed with a severe case of Ulcerative Colitis. They doubted I would survive it. At 12, I had 100% of my large intestines removed, was only the 32nd in the world to have a new surgery where the small intestines are re-routed and do the job of large and small.

They doubted that I would have a "normal" life.

At the age of 26, I broke my back; burst and compression fracture of T-12 vertebrae. They told me I would never walk again. No bowel, no bladder, no sexual function for the rest of my life. I walked out of the hospital 10 days later, despite the fact that physiologically it is impossible for me to walk—just as it is impossible for a honey bee to fly yet it does.

As the years passed, my illness and injury had taken such a toll on my body, my health so bad that I prayed to die rather than continue being sick and tired, day after day with no quality of life left…

Then I Found Yoga.

I credit Yoga for giving me my life back, and better than I ever experienced before. I’ve never walked in peace, joy, health and laughter before I committed myself to the practice.

After about five years of practice, I had a bad car wreck in 2013 that tore the connective tissue from the left side of my spine and I could not practice yoga asana for a year, except Savasana. I could barely walk and the pain was severe, but I chose to not take opiates and rely instead on my very limited practice and meditation to deal with the pain.

In January of 2014, I started Yoga Teacher Training and rebuilding my personal practice from the ground up. It was frustrating and disheartening, until I let go of where I WAS in my practice and just accepted myself as I am, moment to moment.

I am teaching now, a walking, bending, flexing, dancing miracle. I pour my heart into my practice at home and in the studio. I share openly my journey with the classes I lead, hoping to inspire others through their personal struggles and help inspire them to embrace themselves are they are…and to help them see that they, everyone, is a miracle that should be celebrated.

pamela-brownby Pamela Brown – I am a 200 RYT and currently in 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Am blessed to be part of an amazing studio, Sangha Yoga in Loveland, Ohio. My daughter and granddaughters cheer me on as I aspire to be the best yogini that I can be. You can connect with me via Facebook.

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