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Here's our round up of some of the cool stuff you mgiht have missed:

3 Awesome Yoga Festivals You Should Know About3 Awesome Yoga Festivals You Should Know About

If you find your mind wandering off to the mountains or the rainforest during Savasana, maybe it’s time for a vacation. Why not take your yoga on the road by vacationing at one of these three awesome yoga festivals? Read more…

What Are BandhasWhat Are Bandhas?

We hear about these magical things over and over, in many forms and at many times during our yogic journey. The “Bandha “refers to the internal muscular-physical ‘lock’ that, with practice, one can intentionally engage as necessary. “Why does one want to engage these locks?” you might ask. The answer is simple: to redirect the flow of energy within the body. Read more…

Why-We-Close-Our-Yoga-Practice-With-NamasteWhy We Close Our Yoga Practice With Namaste

Namaste is humility verbalized.  It says I don’t know why this situation is here, why this relationship is in my life, why this is happening to me—but regardless—it’s ok…everything is in its right place.  Namaste is a release of our tendency to control our life and a melting into our innate belief in the ultimate goodness of the world. Read more…

8 Alignment Tips For Yoga Practice28 Alignment Tips For Yoga Practice (VIDEO)

The degree of awareness of the body’s response to poses also varies between practitioners, and so do their frequency of practice, and how often they perform certain poses. Also, there are many different schools of yoga — each suggesting different alignment for the postures.

However, there are still some general things to keep in mind and try to avoid as you practice. Read more…

Downward-Facing-Horse-LiterallyMust Watch – Horse Yoga Tames Traumatized Horses (VIDEO)

Founded by father and son Oscar and Cristobal Scarpati, the Doma India School in San Luis, Argentina is using yoga to tame and relax nervous and traumatized horses. According to the Scarpatis, yoga helps form the bond between the trainer and the horse, making it possible to tame and teach the animal. Read more…

5-Yoga-Poses-To-Open-Up-the-Hips5 Yoga Poses To Open Up The Hips

Tight hips are one of the most common conditions in the Western Culture. This is due in large part to the fact that we sit in chairs for long periods of time, and because we generally do not sit in hip opening positions like a squat very often, if ever. Read more…

5 Yoga Myths Debunked5 Yoga Myths Debunked

While yoga has become a tremendous sub-culture in the Western world, it truly is for everyone. When I talk to people about my yoga practice, I get a wide range of responses and reasons that keep them from trying a yoga class. Read more…

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