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Must Watch – Horse Yoga Tames Traumatized Horses (VIDEO)

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Founded by father and son Oscar and Cristobal Scarpati, the Doma India School in San Luis, Argentina is using yoga to tame and relax nervous and traumatized horses. According to the Scarpatis, yoga helps form the bond between the trainer and the horse, making it possible to tame and teach the animal.

The school’s animal “yoga program” and philosophy lies in the respectful and non-violent horse taming that involves the formation of a physical bond between the man and the horse.

On its web page, Doma India School states that unlike other known methods for horse training, yoga simply mimics the natural way that horses learn. The strong physical contact involved in doing yoga with horses can be likened to the body-to-body game enjoyed by horses in their natural environment. In turn, the yoga trainers/instructors get to gain the trust and loyalty of these mammals, enabling them to be trained to any discipline.

The founders claim that the physical contact done on horses, which may be perceived as highly dangerous, is an effective method of getting rid of the animal’s fear. It is that fear that makes these animals unpredictable, and what often keeps us humans from establishing a loyal relationship with horses.

The Scarpati family, who considers horses as sacred animals, has been spreading this special yoga program to different areas of the globe as a peaceful and animal-friendly alternative to taming horses. The program is now also being practiced in South America and Europe.

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