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The Ultimate Guide to Dancer Pose

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More than its beautiful display of grace and poise, Natarajasana or Dancer pose also works wonders for your sense of balance and improving lower body strength. Here’s your ultimate guide to Dancer pose—a collection of all the practice tips, tricks, and pose variations you need to master and safely practice this posture.

How To Do Dancer’s Pose


Dancer’s pose opens the chest and ribcage for your lungs to create more space for your breath. It also stretches shoulders and biceps; and most importantly, this pose improves balance and concentration. Here’s a step-by-step guide to practice this posture. Read more…

5 Alignment Tips for Dancer Pose in Yoga

5 Alignment Tips for Dancer Pose in Yoga

Dancer can be a peak pose, so it is crucial to warm up properly. After a few Sun Salutations to build heat, move into a couple of hip openers. Warm up through the spine and make sure to take a few back bends to prepare. Read more…

How to Build a Sequence Around Dancer’s Pose

sequence around dancer's pose

Poses that are well suited to lead up to Dancer pose stretch or strengthen various aspects of the posture. For example, One-Legged King Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) helps stretch the front of the body as well as stretch the back, while Monkey Pose (Hanumanasana) stretches the groin muscles. Read more…

5 Dancer Pose Variations for Different Practice Levels

5 dancer pose variations for every practice level

Dancer’s Pose can seem daunting in its traditional form alone. With these Dancer Pose variations, we shift the view of the pose to one of play and creativity. Find the variation that feels comfortable to you, or try one each practice to keep it fresh and fun! Read more…

Troubleshooting King Dancer Pose

Troubleshooting King Dancer Pose

It can be tricky to keep your balance, and can be confusing when it comes to alignment, but you can easily troubleshoot King Dancer pose if you break it down, starting from the base and working your way up. Here are ways to troubleshoot King Dancer Pose that will allow you to go deeper into the pose without sacrificing your safety. Read more…

How To Rock Your Dancer Pose


Like many standing balance poses, Dancer pose can be a frustrating struggle or it could be a blissful opening. That part is up to the yogi. So to cultivate an experience that is more akin to bliss, here are some quick things to invoke your inner kick ass dancer. Read more…

Dancer Pose / Natarajasana Lesson with Jess Rose


If you prefer learning or fine-tuning your yoga poses with an instructor, here’s a great yoga pose video tutorial from DOYOU All Star teacher, Jess Rose. Just hit play and let Jess guide you into Dancer Pose! Watch the video here…

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