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Troubleshooting King Dancer Pose

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King Dancer Pose is one of balance, grace, and beauty. Finding comfort in this pose not only opens up your heart and hips, but helps tap into your creativity too.

It can be tricky to keep your balance, and can confusing when it comes to alignment, but you can easily troubleshoot King Dancer pose if you break it down, starting from the base and working your way up.

Below are ways to troubleshoot King Dancer Pose that will allow you to go deeper into the pose without sacrificing your safety.


The foot you are balancing on should have spread out toes. From there, work on grounding through the balls of your foot. Be mindful your toes are straight and flat to the ground. A strong base is essential in holding this pose. On your foot that is extended out, make sure that the toes are engaged.


The leg you are standing on needs to be straight and strong. Be aware of your knee’s position by making sure it is not locked, bent, or hyperextended. The thigh of your extended leg should be lifting off and away from the floor. The ankle should be moving away from the buttocks.


Try to keep the pelvis level and parallel to the floor to maintain a symmetrical foundation.


While pressing your tailbone back and down, expand your chest by pressing the lower tips of the shoulder blades forward and up to open your chest.


The position of the arm that is reaching out gives you some room to experiment. You can either keep it straight by extending out from shoulders. Or, lift your arm up and towards your back foot as a way to work toward grasping the foot or ankle of the extended leg. The arm holding your ankle should be straight.

These may seem like a lot of cues or ideas to keep in your head at once. The best advice I have been given is to pick one intention. Perhaps this week, it is balance, and so you should spend the time to really focus on grounding through your feet. If your intention is to be mindful and create openness in your heart, be mindful when you practice King Dancer pose that you maintain an open and lifted chest.

So go practice and get balanced! Get in tune with your body and explore all the ways to make King Dancer Pose one that benefits you in your body, mind, and spirit.

Image Credit: Alyona Lezhava

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