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Jam Session or Cardio Workout? This Fitness Trend is Both (VIDEO)

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If you like watching rock bands play, you’ve probably noticed how amped up and sweaty the drummers always seem to look. If you think about it, drummers get one heck of a workout each time they perform, what with constant banging on the drums and stomping on pedals.

This video by Tech Insider features a fun fitness trend inspired by drumming. Professional drummers Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom decided to take the fitness aspect of drumming to the next level and created POUND, a group fitness program where participants pretend to play the drums. It’s sort of like air drumming, albeit with much more calorie-burning and strength-building benefits.

The POUND workout combines elements of isometrics, plyometrics, yoga, and Pilates into one fast-paced program. Ripstix, neon green drumsticks that are a bit thicker than regular drumsticks, are required to do the POUND workout. They weigh a quarter of a pound each and provide a bit of resistance. The POUND website claims that one class will have students drumming their Ripstix 15,000 times. Whew!

The ability to actually play the drums isn’t required, although it helps to have a sense of rhythm. POUND students follow along to the beat of the music as they lunge, squat, forward bend, and smash their Ripstix into their mats like (very sweaty) rock stars. We assume that there is also some headbanging involved.

Does this fitness trend sound like something you would enjoy on top of yoga? Sound off in the comments!

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