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3 Natural Remedies to Feign A Good Night’s Sleep

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Truth be told, nothing can compare to the health and beauty benefits of a full night of sleep. Unfortunately, life happens and sometimes we are must pull an all-nighter or pass a sleepless night. Although I wouldn’t recommend relying on these tricks long term (long term: get enough rest!!!), here are some very effective natural remedies on feigning eight hours of dreamy shut-eye.

1. Do not skip your night skincare routine

No matter how late I come home, I always thoroughly remove my make up and put on the correct skincare before bed. Even if you can only get in bed at 6am and need to wake up at 7:30am –keep your skincare routine. Cleanse thoroughly and moisturize well. Fatigue makes your skin look dull and dehydrated; so lock the moisture in beforehand if you won’t get enough rest. I love organic rose hip oil as a moisturizer at night. Rose hip oil is high in vitamin A (retinol) and vitamin C – which will help your skin look refreshed and dewy in the next day. Trust me, your skin will thank you in the morning!

2. Do some chest opening/inversion yoga postures

Stretching and opening up your chest will combat fatigue. Try doing a camel pose – be sure you are warmed-up first though! Opening your heart area will bring more energy to your body and day. Personally, going upside down in a pose as simple as downward dog also brings me energy. In any inversion pose (where your head is below your heart) fresh blood flows into the head to revitalize and reenergize your body.

3. Swap the sugar-laden coffee drink for fresh juice/green juice

As we all know, sugar filled drinks will leave us at a short-lived energy high before crashing. We definitely don’t want that! A fresh juice will revitalize and invigorate your body much more. Try adding a bit of ginger to your juice or tea for a super pick-me-up. I love adding a few slices of fresh ginger to my green tea in the morning. If you cannot part with your beloved cup of joe, try drinking it black or just a bit of sugar and milk.

Did you know?

When you commit to building heathy sleep habits, you take the first step to become your healthiest self – one full night of good sleep at a time. Check out our Complete Guide to Sleep Disorders – a resource to help you get your quality sleep back. Learn more about sleep disorders, their causes, symptoms and how to overcome them.

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