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Is Kundalini Yoga Dangerous?

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Say it like it sounds, involve your whole mouth, and it sounds a bit naughty. People often talk about Kundalini being sexual energy but it's actually not. Because of this and similar Kundalini yoga connotations, some people take a sharp intake of breath and exclaim "it's dangerous, steer well clear."

What they're don’t know is that Kundalini is an energy that lives within all of us. Yes all of us, including you. You have massive reserves of energy within that you can access quickly and easily, except you don’t know about it. This is life fuel, power for your dreams and ambitions.

Your potential is infinite, I was told this as a child, I knew this in my bones, I remember the feeling clearly, yet as adults with layers of known and unknown cynicism, we’ve forgotten to deliver our gifts that the world so desperately needs.

Self Care in Modern Life

Most of the time we're on the treadmill of life, tiring ourselves with mundane chores and distracting ourselves with all manner of entertainment. Yes, modern life has its pleasures, but if we go at it too fast and for too long, we start feeling like we're losing it.

What are we losing? Our inner guidance system and our connection to our soul. What could be more dangerous?

Taking regular time out for self-care and reflection is absolutely vital for our well being. Kundalini energy is first and foremost deeply healing. Kundalini Yoga taps the Kundalini energy within us to create robust health.

A Kundalini Rising is what people either fear or aspire to, but a full Kundalini Rising experience usually requires a purity that is hard to achieve for us Westerners. This is because we first need let go of all of our precious hurts and problems that we have attached to our identity, before dropping all sense of self and merging with the universe.

Yes, Kundalini Yoga is powerful and needs to be approached with respect.

But is it dangerous? The answer is no. Kundalini yoga works, and it works fast. And thank goodness for this because otherwise, I would have imploded years ago under the weight of my own depression.

As Kundalini yoga teachers, we are taught to lead Kundalini Kriyas—sequences of specific exercises—in a very dogmatic way. It is these kriyas that direct our energies in a controlled way. Talk to any Kundalini yoga teacher and they’ll tell you how it saved their life and tell stories of the massive transformations they’ve seen in their students.

You don’t need to be on a beach in India to experience an ecstatic Kundalini experience. There will be a Kundalini yoga class near you.

A Kundalini yoga class is usually quite a workout because most of us have to use yoga asanas to first break through the immense internal tension we're holding. Kundalini Yoga is very potent and you’ll quickly begin to feel really good within yourself and find the will and the clarity developed in class to make long-lasting positive changes in your life.

We are all very precious and it's important we make the most of the life we have been blessed with. One way to guide you on this path is to explore, see through the misconceptions and misinformation about Kundalini yoga, and give it a chance to change your life for the better.

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