There Are Yoga Teachers Making $10k A Month

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Inspiring Women Leading Wellness in Singapore

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Roxanne Gan
For Awesome Instagram Yoga Flows

As co-founder of Zoi Yoga, Singapore’s first immersive, multi-sensory yoga experience, Roxanne Gan believes in making the practice accessible for everyone. Her Instagram feed offers explorative, 30-minute yoga flows and tips on how to expand your practice.

Roxanne encourages a healthy lifestyle and a more mindful approach to helping people feel good in their skin. Guiding people to a consistent yoga practice with small, easy to manage steps, you can practice with Roxanne online or in real life.

Check out her website and Instagram.

Alicia Thew
For When You’re Craving More Than Flexibility and Strength

If there’s one thing we can learn from Alicia Thew (aka Alicia Pan), it’s the art of balance. An in-demand yoga teacher, successful singer-songwriter, and the co-founder of Yoga Movement, Alicia brings energy and good vibes to every task she undertakes.

As a self-confessed adrenaline junkie, Alicia initially found it hard to slow down her pace for yoga. That changed once she felt the mental and physical effects. Her unique approach to teaching yoga and desire to launch something of her own led her to found Yoga Movement, one of Singapore’s most successful fitness-lifestyle brands. With six studios dotted around Singapore, Alicia and the Yoga Movement team encourage difference and diversity and work with the philosophy that fitness isn’t just about gaining strength and perfecting poses.

Complimenting her love and passion for yoga with her beautiful songwriting, Alicia inspires the people of Singapore to simply be themselves.

Check out her website and Instagram.

Your New Favorite Yoga Teacher And Acro Yoga Idol

Jyan is a 200-hr RYT and professionally trained international ballroom dancer. She founded Jyan Yoga Studio to be able to create a community of individuals united in the practice of conscious body movement and mental awareness.

Jyan Yoga Studio offers alignment, sculpting, stretching, and inversion-focused yoga classes alongside mindfulness sessions like crystal bowl and gong sound baths.

For Jyan, fitness is not just about looking good, but rather, finding the balance between a sound body and a sound mind, so you feel good from inside out.

An AcroYoga enthusiast who incorporates pole dancing, Pilates, HIIT, and boxing into her weekly routine, Jyan wants to help others achieve their wellness goals, while inspiring them through her own committed, passionate practice.

Check out her website and Instagram.

Cheryl Tay
For Body Positivity and Ironman Inspiration

Cheryl Tay is a woman on a mission to encourage body positivity and develop a strong sense of self. After battling eating disorders as a teenager, Cheryl found her feet through fitness and is now an impressive Ironman triathlete. In 2016, she started the body positivity movement, Rock the Naked Truth, to inspire others to realize there’s more to life than diets and more to health than the numbers on a scale. So cool!

Cheryl is also the editor of a running magazine called Run Singapore, and hosts the weekly running club of ROCKrunners. Understanding the power of community, Cheryl shares her support and knowledge to everyone through wellness workshops, fitness events and campaigns to help people get out of their comfort zones.

Check out her website and Instagram.

Fay Hokulani
For Motivational Fitness and Nutrition Tips

With her wealth of knowledge and easy-to-follow fitness tips, Fay Hokulani quickly grew in popularity through her fitness blog, where she shares practical advice and online coaching videos. She is the founding instructor at Barry’s Singapore (the hardcore international cardio and strength interval workout system), and she knows how to keep you motivated—even on your laziest day!

Fay aims to help people reach their fitness goals by sharing nutritional tips and relevant insights that feed your body, mind, and soul. From foam rolling to fun new tricks to try in the gym, Fay’s feed will make you want to get up, get going, and move with intention.

Check out her website and Instagram.

Denise Keller
For Self-Care and a Busy-But-Balanced Lifestyle

You might know her as an international Ford supermodel, broadcast presenter, and the longest-serving VJ on MTV Asia. But did you know that Denise Keller is also a certified yoga instructor making waves in the wellness industry?

Denise is living proof that if you want to thrive in a busy, entrepreneurial career, you need to take care of your mind, body, and soul. As an Under Armour athlete and a Manduka ambassador, Denise is a huge advocate of having a healthy, balanced lifestyle through mindfulness, yoga asana, and more. She invites her yoga students to “talk less and do more”, as she guides and leads them towards their path to self-discovery.

Check out her website and Instagram.

Georgina Poh
For a Boost In Your Food and Fitness Game

A fitness junkie with a yoga instructor certificate, Georgina Poh will work you hard and help you get real results. Georgina inspires people to make healthy lifestyle changes by sharing how she manages food portions (so important) to fuel her body.

Understanding that a balanced life brings the most peace, Georgina’s infectious energy has made her one of Singapore’s most popular fitness influencers. Follow her fitness routines to build up your muscles and try her food and nutrition tips so you can be on your way to looking and feeling your best.

Check out her website and Instagram.

Tyen Rasif
For The Big Dreamers and Fitness Goal Chasers

Tyen Rasif knows a thing or two about making dreams come true. She won the first season of the Asia Dream singing competition, and now she’s a popular fitness YouTuber who inspires followers with her bodybuilding techniques. Tyen is also a host at Clicknetwork, a Singapore-based reality lifestyle channel.

If you’re looking to get fit, Tyens’s NoSweat app offers personal progress tracking, customised workout programmes and more. A singing superstar with a fitspo journey that will inspire you to move more, we have a feeling that Tyen already has bigger goals in her sight.

Check out her website and Instagram.

Jasmine Danker
For Fitness Training for All Ages

Don’t let Jasmine’s petite frame and baby face deceive you—this experienced personal trainer can pack quite a punch. With over 11 years experience working with people aged anywhere from eight to eighty, Jasmine can help everyone make better health decisions.

Whether you’re new to training or you simply need more focus and guidance on nutrition and work-out routines, Jasmine has the answers. She often works with people recovering from injuries, and has a lengthy list of qualifications that have rightly earned her a soaring fitness reputation in helping people move better.

Check out her website and Instagram.

Ruth Tan
For Yoga and Multi-Career Inspiration

As an experienced yoga teacher, Barrebody teacher, senior financial consultant, and busy new mum, Ruth Tan knows how to handle the multi-hyphen career. After working in the medical industry for over a decade, Ruth now helps people secure their future—physically, mentally, and financially.

Follow Ruth on Instagram and you’ll get money advice, postnatal relaxation techniques, as well as yoga asana and general fitness tips. With the cutest baby at her feet, she shares fitness tips centered around where she’s at in her life journey and proves that anyone can do it…if you take things one step at a time.

Check out her website and Instagram.

Natalie Dau
For Fitness Buffs and Goal Smashers

As the founder of the highly successful Rockstart Fit App, Natalie Dau is an accomplished athlete and established social media influencer. Each programme on Natalie’s app is easy to work into your daily routine, so you’re always left feeling energised. And if you want to have strong, toned arms (who doesn’t??), Natalie should be your go-to girl.

Helping you smash your limits and push your fitness boundaries, Natalie’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative way of working proves that with hard work and dedication, anyone can exceed their goals…and have fun while you’re at it.

Check out her website and Instagram.

Kirstie Gannaway
For Strong and Badass Fitness Inspiration

Kirstie Gannaway is a fitness and martial arts instructor, boxing and MMA pro fighter, avid traveller, and a natural thrill-seeker. The half Australian, half Singaporean is also an instructor at the FaMa Training Centre, teaching Muay Thai to kids, and is both instructor and director of curriculum of FaMa fitness programs.

Kirstie may have fought some of the roughest, most formidable opponents in the MMA and boxing rings, but she also understands the benefits of unwinding with good food and good company. With an Instagram feed full of tasty recipes, fitness tips, travel inspiration and more, Kirstie inspires others to play as hard as they work.

Check out her website and Instagram.

Nicole Lee
For When You Want to Fly High

Nicole Lee is a registered yoga teacher and an aerial artist passionate about yoga, fitness, travelling, and aerial acrobatics. If you’re looking for a fitness inspo and local lifestyle influencer, give Nicole a follow and you’ll quickly see that you’ll get both.

Nicole’s lofty Instagram feed will inspire you to explore new heights and try something new, as you see and watch her aerial artistry and effortlessly swing through hammocks and hoops. Sharing tips on travel and how to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle, it’ll be interesting to see where Nicole’s wellness journey takes her next.

Check out her website and Instagram.

Yumika Hoskin
For Eco-Conscious Living Inspo

Model, presenter, and sustainable living advocate Yumika Hoskin was born in Melbourne, where she was brought up with a deep love for nature and the outdoors, and habits like recycling and avoiding plastics.

As an adult, she became increasingly concerned at the amount of single-use plastics bags supermarkets and shops would dish on a daily basis. In 2019, she created Peco Bag: a reusable, convenient, stylish, and sustainably made all-in-one bag. Peco Bag not only allowed her to cut out single-use plastics; it’s also encouraged others to do the same.

Yumika’s commitment to sustainability extends to all aspects of her life, so if you’re looking to make better choices for the earth, check her Instagram for environmentally conscious, ethical brands and products to try.

Check out her website and Instagram.

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