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If Prenatal Yoga Classes Were Totally, Hilariously Honest (VIDEO)


As anyone who’s ever been pregnant can tell you, the changes your body goes through during pregnancy can feel, well, less than graceful. Between balance problems, a perpetually full bladder, and all those cravings, pregnancy can make your body feel pretty awkward, to say the least.

Yoga really is a great way for pregnant women to de-stress, build strength, and ease issues like back pain. But despite all those glamorous pregnant yoga photos and graceful videos you see online, the truth is that prenatal yoga is not all blissful deep breathing and Instagram-worthy poses.

Check out this hilarious video if you want to know what prenatal yoga classes would look like if it was totally honest about what it’s like to be pregnant. And don’t forget to share this with the hungry pregnant yogis in your life!

Video credit: Rena Strober

Samantha Allen
Samantha Allen Writer and Editor

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