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How to Sleep Better (and Become Super-Human)

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Most health and yoga practitioners know the basics of self-care: Eat, Sleep, Move, Listen, Love. And many of us have noticed how practicing these tenets of self-care can have a profound effect on your personal daily contentment.

The problem lies in the fact that we are all human. While being human, however, we may sometimes think we are super-human (which is not the case for most of us). Thus, we need to remind ourselves that we are, in fact, not super-human. Besides food and love, we really do need rest. And, that’s okay!

Do you have a hard time accepting that you are NOT super-human? So do I. So let’s start to work towards being super-humans by understanding how to rest better, because rest and sleep are the number one ways to give you super-human powers for an active and happy life. Here are a few very simple things I’ve been practicing to help me sleep better. Let me know if they work for you!

1. Dim the Lights

Shut off the things in your space that make for distractions (read: mental work) especially those electronic ones! Challenge yourself to decouple from your technological Kryptonite at least an hour before rest. Wind down naturally.

2. Close the Kitchen

When your body is digesting, it is not preparing for restful, healing sleep. Eat regularly during the day, so that you can get all the restorative benefits of a night’s rest. And if night hunger remains, enjoy a hot cup of tea and perhaps an easily digestible snack.

3. Empty your Mind

Take time to take stock. Jolt down any lingering thoughts from your day and let them rest on paper instead of in your mind. Offer up gratitude.

4. Get Consistent

Change is not easy and it certainly is not always quick. Dedicate a few weeks to practice your new sleep schedule. Try to bed and rise around the same time so that your body can acclimate. And then RELAX into the changes.

We don’t need to escape our days. We just need to wake up (well rested) for them. If we want to handle our days like a super-human, sleeping well and getting rest is the first step to take.

Did you know?

When you commit to building heathy sleep habits, you take the first step to become your healthiest self – one full night of good sleep at a time. Check out our Complete Guide to Sleep Disorders – a resource to help you get your quality sleep back. Learn more about sleep disorders, their causes, symptoms and how to overcome them.

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