How To Do Yoga With Cats (VIDEO)

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Some of you guys have probably heard of Doga or dog yoga (it’s real — they have classes for it and everything), but what about our furry feline friends who also just want be on the mat with us when we practice? Well, here’s a super cute solution to that.

The Sho Ko Show (featuring Shorty and Kodi) shows us how you can do yoga with your cats with just a slight, fun tweak to your favorite poses! Why do Mountain when you can do “Lion King”? Or go through Warriors when you can do Purriors? And UtCATasana…well, that one was a shoo-in for this yoga sequence.

This was all shot and done in good fun (don’t worry — there’s no Cat Yoga or CatAsana classes…yet), so if you have and love your cats, you might wanna try this out too! Enjoy!

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