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How to Do Ear Pressure or Deaf Man’s Pose

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We have previously explored Plow pose. The next evolution of that pose is Deaf Man’s pose or Ear Pressure pose. It’s an advanced pose, so be sure to listen to your body as you play with it.


Deaf Man’s pose calms the mind by activating the parasympathetic nervous system; it lets your body know you can rest and relax, that danger is far away. Rolling yourself up into this beautiful tight ball is soothing and somewhat reminiscent of the womb.

Because the pose temporarily inhibits your sense of hearing (a type of pratyahara), it removes another layer of external stimuli enabling you to easily turn inward.

From a physical perspective, it massages internal organs, stimulates the digestive system and thyroid gland, opens the hips, tones the legs and stretches the shoulders and cervical spine. It helps with insomnia, headaches, weight maintenance and sinus issues.

Step by Step

  1. Enter the pose from Plow if your feet touch the floor beyond your head.
  2. Bend your knees and place them just beyond your shoulders, hugging your ears.
  3. Rest your shins flat on the ground, top of the feet flat on the mat beyond your head.
  4. Inhale and exhale slowly and with purpose.
  5. Close your eyes, and look inward.
  6. Place your palms on your lower back to support as you slowly unroll vertebra by vertebra to exit the posture.

Tips, Tricks and Restrictions

  • Similar to Plough, if you have any type of neck injury, lay off this pose until you’re healed.
  • Because it compresses the tummy, refrain from practicing this pose if you’re pregnant and stick to poses the create space for bubba and strength for mama.
  • Removing your ability to hear external stimuli enables you to listen internally, so take advantage of this. Consciously squeeze the ears with the knees if you struggle to hear your inner voice.
  • Warm up with bridge, shoulder stand and plow before coming into Deaf Man’s pose.
  • Follow up with wind removing pose, reclined butterfly, a seated forward fold like Pashimottanasana or rest straight into Savasana.

I hope you enjoy this advance pose as much as I do, and maybe even tune in to your own radio station for a change. Let us know what you hear!

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