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How Are Your Yoga Manners?

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Is there really such a thing as yoga manners? The answer is a resounding YES! Yoga manners work a lot like general manners in daily living and only require common sense. A yoga room is studio is a public place where people are sharing a service.

We attend a yoga class for selfish reasons, it`s time solely for ourselves, and rightly so! But try not to forget about your fellow Yogis and Yoginis that you are sharing the space with and of course your teacher.

Arrive on Time

Traffic was crazy! I couldn’t find parking! I forgot what time the class started!

Always do your best to arrive on time because generally a class will only be 60-90 minutes long. The beginning of the class is an important quiet time to check in, connect to your breath and start to unwind.

Most people have enough noise in their heads that they need to shut out, they don’t need to listen to banging doors, crashing bundles of keys, thumping shoes and rushing footsteps too.

Your Yoga Studio, Your Temple

We practice barefoot, so shoes may be left at the door. A yoga room should be a beautiful space where we are connecting to our bodies and breath. This is where we also spend a lot of time rolling around on the ground.

Shoes collect all sorts of mysterious things from the footpaths and streets, so it’s nicer to leave them outside. Imagine you are visiting a temple in India, with shiny marble floors. Leave the dirty boots outside, folks!

Disconnect to Reconnect

Among all of the benefits of practicing yoga, being able to go phone free is the best. Those things are stuck to us all day long that there may come a time when we can only converse with emoji faces.

Having time away from your laptop and phone is so liberating — no pressure to respond to emails, Facebook messages, texts and phone calls. Before yoga class, a) Put your phone on silent b) turn it off c) leave it at home altogether.

It will benefit you and the whole class to not have to listen to buzzes and beeps for an hour. Use the precious time to disconnect from technology and reconnect with your body, breath and the ground.

Mat Manners

Try to place your mat on the floor with enough room for the person beside you to move comfortably throughout the class. If it helps, you can stagger the mats so they are not in line with each other, which will help in spacing so that you won’t accidentally whack one another in the face during Sun Salutations.

Always be respectful of your yogi neighbour’s personal space. If you have borrowed a studio mat or props, always roll it up after the class and place it in the storage area.

Once you have all your yoga manners in check, you are ready to enjoy a beautiful yoga class full of respect and happiness floating around the room. Namaste.

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