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Do You Even Yoga, Bro? 10 Male Yogis Killing it on Instagram

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More men are getting their yoga on: a recent poll found that there are ten million men practicing yoga in the U.S. alone, up from four million just three years ago. Many male yogis all over the world have taken to Instagram to prove how practicing yoga can benefit everyone, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The male yogis on this list have differentiated themselves from thousands of others on Instagram through their dedication to their practice, which is apparent in every post that they make, and the positive impact they are making on their followers.

Some of these male yogis you might already know, while others are up-and-coming Instastars you should keep an eye on in the future.

1. Dylan Werner

  First on the list is Dylan Werner, a world leader in yoga strength training. This martial artist-turned-yogi is passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle, and it shows.    

2. Derrick "DJ" Townsel

In 2012, this former NFL athlete was shy about practicing in public, so he taught himself yoga via online videos. Now the “Rasta Yogi” is a proud certified yoga teacher and an inspiration to thousands of aspiring yogis.

3. Yancy Scot Schwartz

This tattooed, guitar-playing, skateboarding yogi instructor breaks stereotypes left and right, and looks amazing while doing it. Just check out his Vrschikasana!    

4. Dan Morgan

A photo posted by Dan Morgan (@dcmlifestyle) on

Dan has flexibility for daaaaays! Check out this talented yogi and lifestyle blogger for backbends and inversions done in stunning locales.

5. Deandre Morgan

  Deandre claims that, before discovering yoga, he was a clumsy and inflexible kid. Not anymore. If you're into fantastic feats of core stability, alignment, and arm strength, Deandre is your guy.      

6. Adam Husler

  A photo posted by Adam Husler (@adamhusler) on

This all-around athlete has run marathons, climbed mountains, and spent time in the boxing ring, but Adam found his true calling in teaching Vinyasa yoga.

7. Jared Fu

A photo posted by Jared (@jared.fu) on

Jared keeps it simple but never boring. His feed is full of beautiful photos and clips showcasing his strength, flexibility, and sunny attitude.

8. Brian Chan

A photo posted by Brian (@bchanwarrior) on

  Funny, inspiring, and always a joy to find on your feed, Brian Chan is a self-confessed yoga nerd whose passion for life shows in every asana he performs.    

9. Jonah Kest

A photo posted by Jonah Kest (@kestyoga) on

Jonah comes from a yoga family (his father is renowned yogi Jonny Kest) but is fast making a name for himself as a Vinyasa/Ashtanga yoga teacher. He also posts yummy vegan food clips!

10. Brian Miller

Check out Brian's feed and prepare to be floored by incredible feats of flexibility. But he's dedicated to more than just the fitness aspect of yoga, he's also an inspiration to live a live of positivity and gratitude.

Are you already following any male yogis on Instagram? Who are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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