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Can Yoga Help Trim My Waist and Reduce Belly Fat?

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Ever wonder if yoga can help trim your waist and reduce belly fat? One of our readers was curious on the topic, and she’s not alone.

Lots of yogis take their first yoga class as a compliment to their regular exercise routine, only to find out later what an amazing addition yoga is to every facet of their life.

Yoga is a great way to change things up, tone your entire body, and lose weight. If you are looking to focus on your waist and belly, even better! Yoga is the perfect way to trim down.

Here are my best tips for using yoga to reduce belly fat and trim your waist, including a few practice tips.

1. Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga is more than just the static poses you do in class, known as asanas. The ideas of yoga encompass so much more than the physical practice. Yoga inspires you to practice an overall healthier lifestyle, one focused on becoming an amazing version of you.

If trimming your waistline and reducing belly fat is part of that, yoga can be a great help! I suggest picking out a book of inspirational quotes. My favorite is called “Yoga Gems.” I read one quote every morning and it keeps my mind, body, and soul inspired to become a better me.

2. Find the Right Class

For yogis looking to trim and slim, this criteria will help focus your search for the right class.

I suggest trying out a few fast paced yoga classes, maybe a Power Yoga or an intense flow. These types of classes are great because they incorporate cardio (Yoga Shred, anyone?) and make you sweat your buns off… literally! Don’t be afraid to branch out to different classes and teachers, but focus on finding one that will get your heart pumping and body flowing.

3. Engage Your Center

Ok, you may have heard this tip over and over again, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Best part is, it’s super easy!

During every yoga class, continuously keep drawing your belly to your spine. Engaging your core in every pose will help make your abs stronger and reduce fat around your belly. Even if you forget, your teacher will undoubtedly give this cue during class.

If you’d like to incorporate a few poses into your personal practice, to help trim your waist at home, here are a few great pose tips.

Boat Pose

5 Boat Pose Variations To Wake Up Your Core

I like to teach a dynamic Boat Pose to really get your core engaged. Here’s how it works:

  • Hold Boat Pose for three to five breaths.
  • Next, lower down into full Boat Pose, where your upper body and legs hover just above the ground.
  • Take a deep breath before pulling your body back up to Boat, then release.

I like to repeat this dynamic Boat two to three times. I promise you will feel your abs screaming! Practiced 3-4 times a week promises to trim your waistline.

Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

People often forget that a trim waist doesn’t just mean working your abs; you must also pay attention to the muscles that support your core. This means working those glutes and postural muscles as well.

Bridge Pose, especially a dynamic Bridge, will work wonders for trimming your waist by keeping your supporting muscles strong.

Put this into practice:

  • Come into Bridge with your abs engaged.
  • Gently lower your bum and lightly tap the ground before raising your hips once more. This is one round.
  • Do about 10-15 rounds finished by holding your bridge for 3-5 breaths.

Practicing this dynamic Bridge will help give you a beautiful belly and booty, not to mention it’s a fun way to mix up your practice.

Balancing Poses

Woman in Warrior III

When practicing balancing poses, there are three main things to remember. The first is your drishti, or focal point. Second is your breath, steady and even throughout the entire pose. Third, and most important to this topic, is to keep your core engaged.

A strong core is instrumental to balancing poses. The best part is that the more you practice balancing poses, the stronger your core will be. And we all know that a strong core means a beautiful belly.

While the main goal of yoga may not be fitness or weight loss, it is certainly a great tool to keep your body toned and in shape. I’d love to hear how these tips work for you and any other tips you have!

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