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Becoming A Fat Burning Machine (Part 2) – 6 More Weight Loss Tips

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We are still on an endeavor to discover the best weight loss tips. Continuing from part 1 of our guide to "Becoming a Fat Burning Machine", here are six more weight loss tips.

Since we left at number 5 in part 1, I will continue with number 6 here (in case you wonder).

6. Eat three (preferably organic) apples per day.

Apples provide a wealth of nutrients but also provide dietary fiber. A key aspect of weight loss is proper elimination. Getting enough dietary fiber is essential for the elimination process.

Eating three apples a day goes a long way in not only adding dietary fiber to diet but in getting the recommended servings of fruit. Choose organic apples so as not to ingest toxins and pesticides as apples are on the dirty-dozen list of most contaminated foods.

7. Eat salads twice a day.

Fresh, raw fruits and vegetables are such an important addition to our diets. Not only do they provide nutrients, they provide hydration, fiber, and enzymes.

Eating a big salad twice a day helps you get more of these nourishing foods. Choose from the rainbow and use a healthy dressing and you have an easy, portable way to eat more veggies.

8. Re-bound to stimulate lymphatic movement.

A stagnant lymphatic system can lead to a suppressed immune system. Since the lymphatic system assists the immune system in removing wastes from the body keeping it in tip-top shape is vital.

I love using the Rebounder (mini-trampoline) to not only stimulate lymphatic movement but for an easy, fun workout and sometimes to give myself an evening energy boost.

9. Meditate and breathe.

Stress plays a role in weight gain, especially in the abdominal area, due to the accumulation of fat caused by the increased secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone. Stress can also lead to emotional eating, and choosing unhealthy foods that provide “comfort” during stressful situations.

Deep breathing and meditation aid the body in the release of stress, thereby decreasing cortisol secretion. Deep breathing also provides the body with oxygen and decreases stress responses.

Stop, take a breath, center yourself, and be aware of your stress levels. Taking a deep breath can also help you choose more healthful foods during emotional times instead of reaching for something out of an emotional state.

10. Do yoga.

Creating lean muscle helps the body burn more calories—not only during the exercise process, but because muscle burns more calories than fat.

Yoga is an excellent way to increase lean muscle mass, flexibility, and overall conditioning. I’ve had yoga students tell me they never knew their hearts could beat so fast standing still. For me, I’ve never had an exercise program that allowed me to see such significant differences in muscle definition as yoga.

Yoga also provides a deep connection to the body which increases your awareness to yourself, as well as, to your emotional state of being.

11. Eat what you will… in moderation.

I believe in making healthful choices, but also in not putting stringent limits on yourself. There’s no easier way to falter than by saying “I can’t.”

Instead, allow yourself to have things you wouldn’t normally eat—but in moderation. I don’t call it cheating, and actually don’t like using that word at all. Instead, I think of it as making a choice.

I eat healthfully but there are times I choose to have a small portion of a dessert, or even a cheeseburger. I don’t do it every day, and often not even every week—but when I do I’m aware, intentional, and don’t beat myself up over it.

Let's go burn some fat, shall we? Feel free to share your own tips, comments, and questions!

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