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Becoming a Fat Burning Machine (Part 1) – 5 Weight Loss Tricks

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Weight loss is always a hot topic and one that is near and dear to many hearts. With the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) and obesity being rampant in almost all Western societies, it comes as no surprise that losing weight has become a source of much anxiety for many.

Here are five super simple but fundamental weight loss tricks that will kick-start your weight loss endeavor, turn you into a fat burning machine, and create an overall healthier you.

1. Drink at least 8 ounces of water upon awakening.

Hydration is essential to not only healthful living but to weight maintenance. The body has gone through a mini fast during sleep. Drinking a full glass of water upon awakening can help the body rehydrate, detox, and work as a kick-start to the system by clearing it out and stimulating the colon.

My suggestion is to drink the water then sit in quiet meditation and let it flow through the system. Many consider a water flush in the mornings ideal for eliminating disease.

Continue to drink 8 ounce glasses of water throughout the day to maintain proper hydration, aid digestion and elimination, and to help the body remove toxins.

2. Eat within 45 minutes of awakening.

During sleep, the body’s processes slow down, and this includes metabolism. To revive a stagnant metabolism, the key is to get things moving. Starting off with the water helps cleanse the system and start the digestive process but eating continues this motion.

Fueling the body after sleep is an ideal way to not only give the metabolism a jump, but also provides you with energy to carry forward throughout the day. I eat full meals for breakfast or even foods that wouldn’t be considered breakfast foods such as sandwiches, or last night’s dinner leftovers.

Be aware of what you’re eating and choose healthful foods and create a balanced breaking of the fast to get your metabolism moving.

3. Take a one-hour walk (or exercise of choice) once per day.

I don’t enjoy a serious workout—at least not at age 34. In my younger days, I hit the gym, was even a personal trainer, and went running twice a day. Thinking back, I’m still not sure I actually enjoyed the hardcore working out!

Now, I opt for exercise that allows me to unwind, connect with myself, connect with nature when possible, and that isn’t hard on my body or joints. Now I choose walks, yoga, rebounding, and bike rides on nature trails.

Exercise doesn’t have to be drawn out, hardcore, or an ordeal to be effective. Find joy in the exercise that you do, choose activities that you connect with, and move more daily. Don’t force yourself to endure exercise; enjoy your exercise.

4. Take enzymes.

Enzymes are necessary for the proper digestion of food. Raw foods provide enzymes that start the digestive process in the mouth. You can buy digestive enzyme supplements, but my suggestion is to get these enzymes from eating raw fruits and vegetables.

5. Don’t eat high fructose corn syrup, white sugar, or white flour.

High fructose corn syrup, white sugar, and white flour can be considered poisons to our bodies.

Not only are they highly processed but they lack any nutritional value. They wreak havoc on our immune systems, central nervous system, and digestive system. They are also high caloric and often act to not only put weight on but to store fat in the body.

These items (I won’t call them foods) are man-made, created to mass produce foods at the least cost. Give your body real food, not science experiments.

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