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9 Signs You Need Yoga In Your Life NOW

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People turn to yoga for many reasons, and these reasons ranges from mental to physical to spiritual health. Because of the amazing benefits yoga has to offer, it has undoubtedly changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

Below are 9 signs you need yoga, and if you’re guilty of doing these not-so-healthy things, you may want to check your lifestyle and try yoga as soon as you can!

1. You’re Stressed Out

It’s hard not to feel stressed out especially if you have a lot of work to do. The anxiety will keep on eating you alive, too. But if you keep on surrendering yourself to the stress, you won’t be able to get out of that zone. Give yoga a try!

Yoga is a good practice for calming and balancing your mind, therefore easing your stress. You have to loosen up and relax! See it for yourself and you’ll experience a boost in your emotions in just a week.

2. You Have a Stiff Body

Does it hurt simply getting out of bed, bending over, or turning your body quickly? Are you suffering from poor posture? Stiffness is a common problem that most older adults experience, especially those who work at the office sitting for hours every day. This is where the yoga comes in.

Yoga is known for its ability to stretch out those stiff muscles. By enhancing your flexibility and agility, yoga is able to improve your posture as well. But of course, don’t expect instant results.

3. You Can’t Focus

It’s normal to easily feel distracted—we all go through that phase. But it’s not normal if you keep letting it happen to you over and over. It will make your tasks 10 times harder to complete, making your days unproductive. Not being able to focus can frustrate you, and make you go completely insane.

Good thing is, yoga can help you focus. It’s one of its best benefits, even. Dive in to breathe thee work and see for yourself.

4. You Can’t Sleep

There are lots of people who suffer from uncontrollable thoughts right before they sleep, making it hard or near impossible to even sleep at all. You really need some yoga in your life if you are one of these people who can’t sleep a wink.

Yoga and meditation is the best medication you can get. Develop a strong practice and you will get the peaceful sleep that you deserve.

5. You Have Difficulties Controlling Your Emotions

It’s hard to control your emotions when you’re under pressure. You tend to overreact about even the littlest detail of whatever caused your feelings at the moment. Just like not being able to focus, losing control of your emotions can be so frustrating that you either cry like a baby or yell at anyone who will listen.

When this happens, turn to yoga and see how it calms your nervous system, making you relaxed and helping all the pent up tension and frustration melt away.

6. You Turn to Unhealthy Choices

Staying positive can keep you right on track, but there are people who still have poor coping mechanisms. They turn to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, or unhealthy foods. Well, in case you didn't get the memo—smoking, having too many drinks, taking drugs, or binge-eating are not the solution to your problem…EVER!

Instead of doing these things, why not turn to yoga? It will keep you happy and stress-free!

7. You Can’t Breathe Well

If you have poor breathing, it’s definitely recommended to do yoga. Yoga keeps you focused and will teach you deep breathing exercises that you can do to boost your the power of your lungs.

Once you master deep breathing, you won’t easily feel out of breath when you run, jog, or have that spontaneous dance party we all dream of!

8. You Feel That You’re Not Good Enough

Today’s image of “beautiful” and “perfection” can be a downer to anyone. It makes you feel shy and incompetent, and that you're "simply not enough."

Yoga can be your instant confidence-booster as it empowers you and helps you love yourself. When you learn self-love, you just become proud of who you are and confident in your own skin. For some, even up to the point that being shy at social situations seems impossible. Know that you are enough!

9. You Can’t Open Up

A lot of people have difficulties opening up, especially in this era when trust is hard to maintain. You feel like people are going to judge you or use the things you say against you. That’s completely normal especially if you’ve been hurt a lot of times before.

But there’s no need to hide in your shell. Yoga will help you break out of your comfort zone.

Guilty of at least one? Don’t hesitate to use yoga as your solution. But remember that it’s not just a task or "penalty" that you have to endure. Make it a part of your lifestyle—it will make you feel good inside and out!

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