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4 Tips to Connect to Your Awesome, Authentic Self Through Creativity

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Welcome to your Yoga & Creativity Series. This is the fourth article of a four part series that explores, mines and inquires into the nature of creative energy.

How can you tap more readily into your creative energy? Is it possible for you to live a more creative life? How can you create a Yoga & Creativity practice that is sustainable and fun?

Creativity is your truest essence. It is that vibrant, connected, loving, curious and zesty part of you that, when given the chance to shine, illuminates the world around you.

Creativity is not the same as talent or know-how. It doesn’t have to be about making money or getting artistic accolades, although if that’s your path, then that’s marvelous as well. What I’m talking about here is expression — authentic expression.

It’s your ability to tap into the shimmering depths of your soul in order to create art, meals, movement, stories, films — whatever — that are uniquely yours.

How To Live A More Creative Life

Creativity is like flexibility. My first Downward Dog was extraordinarily challenging. Every part of me quaked. I couldn’t imagine a day when I’d be calmly connected to the flow of my breath. Now though, my Down-Dog has opened up.

I couldn’t have successfully forced my hamstrings to lengthen or my palms to spread. There was no fast-track. It blossomed, and continues to change, through practice and the passing of time.

Like yoga, authentic creative expression requires equal parts trust, self-awareness, curiosity and courage.~Lacey Haynes

You must learn to look within for the answers. Sure, outside forces will inspire and delight you. They will give you bursts of electricity that helps to propel your quest. At the end of the day though, to find your own unique voice (which you 100% have!), you must turn inward.

Letting go of expectation, opening up to surprise, taking away the stress factor in favour of the fun factor — these are what make creative expression an enriching part of a fulfilled and awesome life.

4 Tips To Ground Your Creativity Practice

So far, I’ve shared with you 5 Yoga Poses To Sling Shot Your Creativity, 5 Sacral Chakra Practices To Amplify Your Creativity and 4 Playful Tasks To Tap Into Your Creative Potential.

Below are 4 final tips for bringing a sustainable and fun creativity practice into your life.

1. Write Down Your Intentions

Why do we do the things we do? Half the time, I’m not sure many of us are conscious as to why we make the decisions we make. Try looking within. Why do you feel compelled to explore your creativity? What inspires your journey?

Is there are key word or a phrase that really resonates with you? Make this your intention. Write it down, pin it up, then turn to it whenever you need a shot of colour straight to your heart.

2. Document Your Journey

In order to see the fruits, pitfalls and discoveries of your journey, document it. Write in a journal, create a blog, make audio recordings or a chart. Find some way that you can actually process your experiences so that you can look back and see how your path has unfolded. You’ll be able to recount all the lessons you’ve learned and reflect on how far you’ve come.

3. Rejoice in Routine

Routine can seem like such a bore, but us human-beans — we’re hardwired for it. Carve out some time in your life to commit to your creative rituals. It can be once a week or every night for ten minutes before bed. Figure out what works for you and let the ritual be an anchoring force in your life.

4. Have fun!

If this whole process stresses you out, STOP IMMEDIATELY! Seriously though, this is not an extra item on the to-do list. Creative exploration is a form of self-care. If it’s not helping you to feel more relaxed, connected, grounded or inspired, take a break. Check in with your intentions and jump back in when the time is right.

Thanks for journeying along and exploring your creative energy with the DOYOU community. If you’re just clueing in now, jump back in time by checking out the other posts. All of the links are above.

What have been the biggest lessons for you on this creativity journey? Share below!

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