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4 Playful Tasks To Tap Into Your Creative Potential

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Welcome to your Yoga & Creativity Series. This is the third article of a four-part series that explores, mines and inquires into the nature of creative energy.

This is your power-ball part of the series with 4 creative exercises to do anytime, anywhere, but most awesomely — post yoga class. Let’s get the creative energy flowing freely, wildly and abundantly, shall we?

Hot Tips For Creative Play

You don’t have to be proficient in any of the below creative expressions. If you’ve never fancied yourself a writer, don’t fret. If you consider yourself an epically disastrous drawer — wonderful! If you have two left feet for dancing, that’s perfect.

These exercises are about breaking free of what you typically consider yourself to be good at. Try to approach the below prompts with a curious heart and head. Instead of trying to create something “good,” see if you can instead surprise yourself with something new — something you wouldn’t typically do. Break free of your own self-imposed constraints.

1. Draw

Draw a self-portrait. I know, this can be totally weird. But remember, this is an opportunity to think outside the box and so, this self-portrait can be any part of you. In can be the colourful nature of your heart, a detailed exploration of your face or what you look like from above. Use any tools you have to break out of the normal. Perspective, pens and paints galore. Go nuts.

2. Move

One of my favourites. I like to explore what it’s like to move from within. I stay on my mat at first (to build confidence!) and I explore repetitive movements that just feel damn good.

Eventually this might escalate into something a bit more boisterous that takes me away from my safe space into the expanse and uncertainty of the room around me. Music can be helpful here. Avoid mirrors and judgement. Feel it instead.

3. Write

Crack open your dictionary (paper or digital) and pick three words you’ve either never used before, never heard of or think are neat but aren’t part of your daily vocabulary. Write a story about your day or your yoga practice and find a way to thread these new words in.

Challenge yourself to think differently about the way you describe things or the things that you choose to focus on. Feel free to get playful. This isn’t intended for publication.

4. Cook

Buy a vegetable you’ve seen before but have no idea what to do with. What are those psychedelic broccoli things, anyway!? Do a little research and then let your inventiveness and curiosity guide you. Enjoy the process of cutting and mixing. These everyday tasks can be creative and sensual practices. Make the daily ritual of preparing food a more playful and creative experience.

This week, after your yoga class or home-practice, do one of the above. Then, share your story below. How did it go? Was it fun, hard, inspiring or strange? Or maybe you have a creative exploration that you think others would enjoy?

Stay tuned for the next installment in the series where we’ll unfold 4 Tips For Connecting To Your Awesome, Authentic Self Through Creativity.

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