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5 Sacral Chakra Practices To Amplify Your Creativity

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Welcome to your Yoga & Creativity Series. This is the second article of a four part series that explores, mines and inquires into the nature of creative energy.

What is a chakra? How do they work? Is it possible to free up more creative energy by diving into the chakra system?

Chakras are energy centres within the body. Along the length of your spine is an energetic spine — an astral spine — that spans from your tailbone to your crown. There are seven main chakras that govern different aspects of your physical, energetic and emotional body.

The chakras are said to be like whirlpools of energy. They’re always in motion and even when sluggish, their movement never truly halts. Just like with most everything in life, chakras can fall in and out of balance.

What is the Sacral Chakra?

The sacral chakra, referred to as the second chakra or Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, is located below the navel in the lower abdomen. It is the centre of reproduction and creativity as well as movement and emotion.

When it’s in synch, you’re likely to feel connected to yourself and others. Your creative energy flows freely and abundantly and your sexual appetite is healthy.

The sacral chakra is your passion centre. It is the place where your sexual identity and creative identity are born. When it’s not in balance, you might feel disconnected from your body or emotions, unable to express yourself creatively or sexually. You might also feel unable to express your emotions fully.

Fear not though! Chakras are not made of stone. It is possible, through awareness and the below practices, to connect more deeply into yourself and to bring balance to your sacral chakra.

15-Minute Daily Practice To Align Your Sacral Chakra

1. Focus

In a simple seated position, bring your palms to your low belly just below your navel. Bring focus to this space by experiencing the sensation of your palms against your abdomen. Imagine a beautiful lotus flower with a white crescent moon at the centre. Allow this visualisation to soften your thoughts as you draw all of your awareness into this space.

2. Breath

Next, direct your breath into this area. Let the inhalation expand it open while the exhalation releases stagnant, pent-up or overly intense energy. Whether you’re already in balance, a little sluggish or in overdrive, this focused breathing will bring balancing energy into this space. Feel how the connected breath-work allows the rest of you to relax, which is an integral part of harnessing creative energy.

3. Mantra

When the mood strikes, you can begin to sing Om Vam (pronounced Vum). Vam is the seed mantra that reverberates this chakra. As you sing, pay attention to what feels intuitively right for you.

Does it feel good to sing slow and soft or better to sing loud and strong? Whatever feels right is the perfect direction for you to explore. It might be hard at first to sing out loud but don’t give up. Listen to the messages of your body and be guided from within (another key element in authentic creative expression).

4. Movement

Let the mantra eventually settle then transfer the energy by doing swirls of your spine, focusing on engaging and releasing your lower abdominal muscles. These can be flowing unstructured movements, where you play with depth and range of motion by placing your awareness on the space of the sacral chakra.

Let your intention be a gentle but direct stirring and release of energy, helping to increase the energetic circulation to this part of your body.

5. Meditation

Eventually, the movement can settle. You can sit in meditation, using any of the above tools to find connection and focus. Watch the flow of your breath or quietly allow the mantra to play over in your mind. Visualise the energy in your astral spine moving freely and easily, healing and balancing the flow to your creative centre.

Try doing this fifteen-minute practice every day for one week. If you'd like to extend the length of the practice, carve out an extra fifteen minutes for creative expression. You might like to dance, draw, paint or write. Whatever strikes you.

At the end of your week exploration, reflect on how these practices helped to cultivate your creative energy. How was singing the mantra? Did you find new freedom in your meditation? Was it tricky or fun? Leave a comment below.

Stay tuned for the next installment in the series where we’ll explore 4 Playful Tasks To Tap Into Your Creative Potential.

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