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3 Extra Moves To Torch More Fat In Yoga

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Ever go to a yoga class and leave feeling like you still need a workout? Don’t blame the instructor; it could be your intensity level. If you are practicing yoga asana for exercise, bump up the heart rate by adding on a few more moves!

Pair these extra moves with the correct breathing technique and you are on your way to a higher calorie burn. Here’s how:

1. Add A Low Plank Hold Before Going Into Down Dog

Instead of Plank, Chaturanga, then Up Dog to Down Dog, torch the calories by throwing in another low plank hold before pressing the hips up to Down Dog. In other words, your sequence will look like this: Plank, Chaturanga, Up Dog, Low Plank, press up to High Plank and lift the hips into Down Dog.

Try 3-5 reps of this and your arms will be begging for a tank top!

2. Try Side Plank With A Leg Lift

Instead of side plank, try side plank with a leg lifted up the sky OR keep the top foot planted on the ground and lift the bottom leg up and towards the head. Try some taps, inhale – lift the leg, exhale – tap the foot to the ground.

Repeat 15-20 times and your body will be screamin’ for mercy!

3. Instead Of Bridge, Try Wheel.

A ton of people are intimidated by Wheel pose, but if you can hold for 5 breaths and come down safely, you will not only have increased the amount of fat burn, you will also have more energy.

If all that doesn’t work, you can also go to a more intense class. Try an advanced power Vinyasa class or Forrest Yoga. The 14 Day Yoga Shred Challenge is also a good start to get you fit and in shape.

These tips definitely help amp up the fat burn, but to really take it home, drink a gallon of water daily to boost metabolism. Stay away from processed food and eat clean—this is how you have the energy to survive an intense power Vinyasa class!

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