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26 Signs You’re a Bikram Yoga Lover

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Even though a lot of controversy (and lawsuits) surround Bikram yoga founder Bikram Choudhury, the number of people who practice the yoga asana style he's popularized shows no signs of slowing down.

With an estimated 720 yoga schools in over 220 countries, the style has become a household name with millions of people having tried the practice.

Rarely do people feel lukewarm about Bikram practice—people generally love or hate the method. If you are one of the lovers, or know someone who practices Bikram yoga, you'll recognize these signs of a Bikram yoga lover.

1. You wanted this article to start like this: Good morning everyone. First is the breathing exercise…good for your lungs and respiratory system.

2. You are a self-identified Bikramite.

3. You recruit your friends to practice and ask them to give Bikram at least two tries. Since the first class can be miserable but the second class is where it starts to be fun.

4. Why stop at two-classes? You are known for signing up and recruiting your friends for 30-day challenges.

5. You have experienced the pure joy and struggle of a double day. You know that time you signed up for a 30-day challenge, missed a day, and practiced twice the next day.

6. You are no longer afraid of commitment, heck you just signed up for another 30-day challenge.

7. You stopped buying cotton since you know it is not breathable for the heat.

8. Your wardrobe is now filled with itsy bitsy and form fitting yoga apparel.

9. Your tiny outfits make packing for yoga retreats very light.

10. While to clothes are small, daily practice means your laundry bill is your most expensive utility cost.

11. Your vacation and holidays are spent traveling to Bikram master classes.

12. You have considered becoming certified because it would help you grow within your own personal practice.

13. Your friends can no longer tell if you are sweaty from yoga or just shower a lot (hopefully both).

14. You know all 26 poses and your favorite studios schedule by heart.

15. You plan your eating and drinking schedule around Bikram practice. You have not had a large meal and have had at least 8-9 cups or two-liters of water before practice.

16. Like an elite athlete, you know how to optimize your practice. You have prepared half a banana or a cup of applesauce to eat for a pre-class energy boost.

17. You know and when to sip water and not chug it in class to avoid stomach sloshing and nausea.

18. You are okay with sweat pouring down your face and not wiping it off. You know that wiping it away disrupts the process of cooling down your body and you are too focused on your breath.

19. You find yourself naturally and comfortably breathing through your nose.

20. Even when things smell, like carpet stink in a Bikram studio, it is okay and it even reminds you to stay calm, focused, and present.

21. You start measuring meetings and plans in 90 minute intervals to help structure your day.

22. You know how to pause for 30 to 90 seconds at a time to find balance, engagement, and growth.

23. Looking at the forecast, your ideal weather is 104/105°F (~ 40°C) with humidity around 40%.

24. You no longer have anxiety about arriving early or on time to events. You know that is how you get the best space and can adjust to any environment.

25. You know that if you can make it as a Bikramite, you can make it through anything!

26. You found comfort in the fact there were 26 items on this list.

Bikramites, how many were you able to relate to, and what are other "signs" you would add to the list? Comment and share your thoughts below!

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