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10 Things Yogis Do That Nobody Talks About

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Historically, yogis were like mythical beings that had the power to transcend the physical world. These mythical beings of love and light meditated in the Himalayas for hundreds of years to truly know and live yoga. However, it's important to note that yoga is change and it comes as no surprise that the contemporary yogi is not sitting in a mountain secluded from the world, but rather actively engaging in the present moment.

Curating from our roots, yogis can maintain a semblance of mystery so sometimes we forget to talk about the quirky, weird, and "not-so-yogic" things we do. Today, we tackle those things yogis do that nobody talks about to help our yoga community unite and realize that yogis don't radiate love, peace, and positivity 24/7—we have our not-so-great and completely human moments too.

1. Yogis take a lot of photos before capturing the “perfect shot.”

Our camera roll is about 99% yoga photos and videos. Anytime we visit a beach, park, or climb a mountain we instantly think about what yoga move would fit the scenery. That stunning handstand photo you saw on Instagram? Yeah, that took about five takes.

2. Yogis also struggle to practice non-attachment and non-judgment.

Despite our best efforts, it is hard not to collect material goods and not judge ourselves and others. We are taking it one day at a time and it gets easier to resist that 50% off sale on yoga gear and cute home stuff.

3. Yogis have an addiction to learning and it manifests in stacks of yoga books.

It seems like almost out of nowhere, the pile of books grew from one to a hundred and eight. As a busy yogi, it can be hard to keep up with all the books you want to read. Yogi Tip: creating a book club is a great way to build community and gather a deeper understanding of the reading material.

4. Yogis feel guilty for skipping asana practice yet not so bad for missing pranayama play.

While yes, the asanas are only one limb on the yoga path, it is often the physical practice that got many of us hooked on yoga. A day without asana practice can make us feel guilty even if we're in bed with a fever. (I mean…our body is already warmed up, so a few headstands won't hurt, right??) Nah, stay in bed and use time off to realize it’s a journey.

5. Yogis sometimes don’t like to go to class.

Sometimes we would rather sit on the couch and eat fries rather than attend a hot flow class after work, but we (often) go anyways because we know we'll feel heavenly after class.

6. Yogis get super excited when they realize their favorite celebs practice yoga and have Instagram yogis they follow faithfully.

Emma Watson, Adam Levine, and Shakira are all yogis. Emma Watson is even a certified yoga teacher!! Plus, Laura Sykora Kasperzak is #momgoals.

7. Yogis also have trouble meditating and not being productive 24/7.

While asana and pranayama practices can make us sweat and physically exhausted, meditation is still the hardest practice to maintain. As yogis, we try to relax in a comfortable seated position, and while it may look easy, it can be a struggle to carve out time to meditate. We still do it because we know it is good for us, but it is a constant challenge.

8. Yogis follow unwritten and unspoken rules in yoga class.

It's not written down in stone, but we all know not to walk over other people's mats and that it is important to stay for Savasana or let your teacher know in advance that you need to leave class early. And as a teacher, you know not to consciously copy exactly how other instructors teach (e.g. exact same sequences, cues, music, etc.) and claim it as your own style.

9. Yogis sometimes goof up English translations for names and sometimes we create new poses in the process.

Wait was that Wild Thing, Flipping the Dog, Shooting Star, or Starfish…? Hmm…maybe if I cue hand on the chest it can be called Devotion Pose?

10. Yogis wear their favorite yoga clothes multiple days in a row without washing.

Especially after splurging on a stunning pair of leggings, it is hard to take them off (b-but…it's so comfyyy) and the world needs to see how cute the cutouts are!

Realizing not every yogi is crazy about wheat grass shots and instead really prefers eating ice cream while watching Netflix—well, that’s all part of the journey. Are there things you do that you think is not so yogi-like? Feel free to share them in the comments below, you might find you're not alone. 😉

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