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10 Amazing Yoga Teachers in Singapore You’ll Love

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There are hundreds of yoga teachers to choose from in Singapore. To help you narrow it down, we’ve curated a list of some amazing instructors to suit every kind of practice. From teachers who inspire you to those who bring a personal touch; instructors who will push you to the limit to those who inspire you to go deeper – there is someone for everyone.

Check out our list of Singapore yoga teachers to find your perfect match.

This article is part of our The Mindful Guide to Singapore with tons of tips for happy, healthy and mindful living in Singapore.

Midah Arshad
For Eastern Flavor with Western Roots

A Singapore native, it seems that Midah Arshad has the Midas touch. She is trained in Hatha Yoga, Space & Light Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga, and has continued her training with a plethora of acclaimed instructors. She was introduced to yoga while living in Hong Kong in the late 90s, and added the practice to her other noble pursuits (which include rock climbing and marathon-running).

Midah is interested in helping her clients develop a link between eastern teachings and western psychology, with heavy emphasis on the mind, body, and spirit connection. She also has a creative side, which flows well with her yoga practice, as a graduate from Lasalle College of the Arts.

Website: FitEleven
Instagram: @midaharshad

Jerome Lahore
For A Personal Touch

Jerome Lahore not only teaches classes and 1-1 sessions, you can also find his work on YouTube! His channel features professional tutorials to ensure that you get that asana down pat. He specializes in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin yoga, and breathing exercises to boot.

Not surprisingly, Jerome is the founder of the Inhale Yoga studio, which offers private, group, and corporate classes. The studio website is clean and easy to navigate, and even outlines an easy-to-learn headstand guideline in Jerome’s blog.

Website: Inhale Yoga

Jasmine Chong
For Those Who Go Corporate-to-Spiritual

Jasmine Chong sought out yoga with the hopes of simply losing weight (as many people do), but came back from the experience with a strong passion for the practice. In fact, she was so invested that she left her corporate job to become a yogi!

As the founder of Lab Studios (which boasts four Singapore locations), Jasmine encourages people from all walks of life to give yoga a try, whatever skill level they may be at. She is often humbled by her students; inspired by the steps they take to improve their minds, bodies, and souls.

Website: Lab Studios
Instagram: @jasminechong

Johnson Chong
For Those Looking To Trust Their Intuition

Surprisingly, Johnson Chong started his career as an actor with a BFA for Acting in Theatre and Film. Through this avenue, he learned the importance of the body, breath, subtle movement and, of course, the mental state.

Johnson’s practice is immersed in holistic healing, as he’s studied with many big players in the spiritual field. These awakenings have helped him flesh out his career as a yogi, as well as some well-earned street cred. Aside from yoga, Johnson lists shamanic journeying, Ajna Light Meditation, and inner guidance as his tools of the trade.

Website: Sage House
Instagram: @johnsonchong_sagesapien

Derick Pang
For Those Who Need a Life-Changing Experience

Nearly a decade ago, Derick Pang took a Kundalini yoga class that changed his life forever. After going back for more, time after time, Derick decided to establish his own practice. As a teacher, he incorporates meditation and breathwork into the overall Kundalini form, which helps exercise and calm the mind.

At Yoga in Common, the 3 Cs are adopted – Classic, Creative, and Calming classes. It’s certain that Derick’s instruction incorporates them all. He has completed 200 hours of teacher’s training and “believes deep within each and every one of us lies the highest truth of Love awaiting to be remembered.”

Website: Yoga in Common
Instagram: @derickpang

Dr. Kuldeep Kushwah
For Those Looking for a Well-Seasoned Yogi

Did you know you can get a PhD in yoga? Well, you can, and Dr. Kuldeep Kushwah did! His papers in yoga research have been published far and wide, and his love of yoga is contagious as well. At the tender age of 14, Kuldeep started his yoga journey and never looked back. He’s taught in Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

At Vyasa Yoga, the doc conducts various teacher-training courses, as well as workshops which include Ashtanga Vinyasa, arm balancing, PET, core strength, and meditation.

Website: Vyasa Singapore
Instagram: yoga_with_drkuldeep

For Those Who Want to go Digital

Shivanee’s Instagram is filled with great, useful tips and (of course) yoga poses and instructional videos. She even offers a free 31-day yoga challenge for students who want to up the ante!

Shivanee’s popular YouTube channel goes even deeper, featuring some of the more tricky poses as well as classes.

Website: Shivanee Yoga
Facebook: @yogawithshivanee

Vanan Suhumaran
For Those Who Crave Discipline and Dedication

Vanan Suhumaran’s journey is somewhat unique, as he actually began his practice of yoga at the age of 5! While most kids were learning how to color inside the lines, Vanan was learning how to perfect his asanas. As if that wasn’t enough, he was taught Tantric yoga at the age of 16, and in his 20s became the disciple of a world-renowned yogi.

Later on in life, Vanan gained a teacher’s training diploma in yoga and can now be found everywhere from gyms to personal training sessions. He’s also currently researching yogic science and is working on a book.

Website: All About Yoga

Mei Lee
For Those Nurturing Mindfulness in kids and families

As a Taiwainese-American Texan with a wealth of experience that she readily taps into, Mei Lee has made it her life’s purpose to help others feel present and balanced. Incorporating yoga and meditation in her classes, Mei focuses on the connection between parents and children. Steeped in psychology and with a mindful touch, Mei Lee helps lighten the parental load and encourages a balanced life. She’s been helping to transform families for nearly two decades.

Since founding the parent-children coaching institute, Mindful Us, she is able to help others connect to each other and deepen their unbreakable bonds. Via a series of emails, exercises, free content and more, Mei Lee inspires thoughtful and powerful change.

Website: Mindful Us
Instagram: @Meileemind

For Those Nurturing Mindfulness in kids and families

Regardless of what time of the day it is, you can always expect to find Freedom Yoga founder Elvina in her yoga pants.

A shoulder injury she sustained at age 23 triggered her journey to holistic living. A self-confessed “plant fairy in yoga pants,” she credits her yoga practice for teaching her grace, compassion, and the strength to achieve the impossible.

Now, she is a successful entrepreneur with two studio locations in River Valley and Holland Village.

Elvina believes teaching yoga is the best way for her to spread the good vibes of yoga to others. Her goal is to help students leave class feeling uplifted, energized, and confident enough to take on whatever challenges life has in store for them.

Instagram: @Elvinac

So, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a yoga newbie, there’s a teacher out there for you. Just try a class and see what happens! You’ve got nothing to lose.

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