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The Yogi Provocateur Asks: What Holds You Together?

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Alarm. Awake. Snooze. Reverie. Alarm. Awake. Snooze. Reverie. Alarm. Alarm. Alarm. Today is already looking shaky.

Shower before breakfast. Clothing afterwards. Socks hopefully make it on before shoes. Getting to work is a job in itself. Arrive. Emails. Phone calls. To-do. Already did. Again and again. Coffee or tea. Coffee or tea. Things begin to happen. So do you. Keyboards and emails and screens and more phone calls before lunch. It’s too short. Back to work. Put out fires today. Free beer and fire prevention is always tomorrow. Time to go. Overtime. Coffee or tea. Coffee or tea.

Or yoga mat. Deep breath. Inhale, exhale.

Every day, I try get on that mat even when I don’t want to (which is frequently). More often than not, movement happens. Regardless of outcome, yoga never stops. The goal is to become a better listener, and that skill begins by listening to my Self. With all of life’s distractions, it’s easy to ignore the important feedback our bodies constantly give.

What Holds You Together

This is not just limited to physical cues. A thought unsaid is still energy nonetheless — synapses fired, vibration occurred. We must choose to absorb momentum or channel it towards something new.

Even though we may often fly on autopilot, steps are still missed from time to time. Life is not easy sometimes. Responsibilities pile up and forces beyond our control pull us in opposite directions. We’re lucky if we see the obstacles down the road and plan accordingly. Usually, we don’t.

Whether you’re moving or being moved, what holds you together when things begin to spin out of control? How do you find YOUR true north?

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