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Yoga Retreats in Mallorca: What to Expect and Why You Should Try One

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Escape the autumn chill and explore yoga in Mallorca — the sunny Mediterranean island of stunning beaches, sheltered coves, and beautiful mountains. It’s the perfect place to have your wanderlust yoga retreat experience and take that much-needed pause to tune into yourself and commune with nature.

Experience Yoga in Mallorca – Connect with the Inner Self and the Yoga Community

Majorca yoga retreat

A yoga holiday in Mallorca combines the travel allure of exploring places and faces with Sardinia Yoga‘s innovative flexible yoga holiday, which they have been offering yogis from all walks of life for the past 5 years in Sardinia and Mallorca.

This beautiful island has the perfect mix of city life, historical architecture, and natural wonders that makes it so appealing to all kinds of travelers.

The special thing about Sardinia Yoga’s holiday is the flexibility it offers you. You can be as social or as solitary as you want — you’ll be able to enjoy this Mallorca yoga retreat whether you want to focus more on your inner journey, or meet and socialize with yogis from around the world.

No fixed start-and-end dates mean you can arrive any time and still join the daily yoga classes and social brunches with the other guests. This way, you don’t feel excluded from the “early birds” and you still get the sense of yoga community and belongingness.

Mallorca Yoga Retreat – Create Your Own Adventure

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Some yogis prefer to start their morning yoga practice with just tea or coffee. But for those who can’t do without their morning grub, you can have a light breakfast before you go to the shaded beachside venue for the all-levels Hatha yoga class.

If you’re all about making friends and socializing during your travels, you can do so at the post-yoga social brunch. Then you have the rest of the day free for exploring the local sights and city scene, or just sunbathing or relaxing in your beachfront villa at the family-owned 4-star Hotel Cala d’Or.

Mallorca offers a wide array of cozy cafes and beautiful restaurants, which are all easily accessible by foot, so you have a lot of options when it comes to dining and experiencing local food culture. And after the daily yoga class, you can also check out weekly artisan markets, try wine-tasting, go snorkeling and scuba diving, and experience agriturismo in local farms and ranches.

Ready to go on your Mallorca yoga retreat? Book your yoga holiday all through October and find more info on Sardinia Yoga’s holiday here!

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