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Yoga Poses to Ease Migraines

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The Question:

What yoga poses are beneficial for people who suffer from migraines? ~Sapphire

The Answer:

I’m glad you asked this question, Sapphire, because I get it all. the. time. After teaching and practicing for the past two years, I’ve looked into my own experiences on my mat and how different poses make me feel when I’m dealing with headaches.

I know that migraines are quite different from the simple pains I have in my head, but I’ve talked to those who do suffer from them regularly, and the following poses seem to favor their health as well!

1. Child’s Pose

Yoga-Poses-To-Ease-Migraines-1Child’s Pose is one of the most calming and comforting poses there is, because it helps bring you back to that safe, embryonic feeling. You can return to a deep breath, quiet your mind, and very importantly, release tension in your neck and shoulders.

2. Forward Bends

Yoga-Poses-To-Ease-Migraines-2All Forward Bends, whether seated or standing, allow your circulation to boost without much work. These poses, especially when the face is buried in the legs (like in Paschimottanasana) allow us to take distractions out of the mind, tune in to feeling, and simply breathe.

3. Legs Up the Wall

Yoga-Poses-To-Ease-Migraines-3Viparita Karani is by far my favorite inversion to practice when I’m feeling a little tired, sluggish, or sick. First of all, it feels amazing, allowing the blood to flow down the feet to the hips as you reverse gravity.

It’s a super gentle pose that helps you to release tension even when you aren’t aware it’s happening.

4. Pranayama

Yoga-Poses-To-Ease-Migraines-4Breath, no matter what, will be key to helping to heal any kinds of pain going through your head. Bringing more oxygen to your brain will undoubtedly help release tension in your upper body.

Additional Information

I totally believe that yoga can be absolutely healing for headaches. Bottom line though, pay attention to the intensity of your practice. Constantly have a conscious effort to stay steady in your practice, keeping in mind the health and happiness of your mind.

Don’t push yourself any further than your heart wants you to, breathe deeply, and enjoy the opening of your body along with the relaxing of your mind.

Also, make sure that along with your yoga practice, you’re drinking plenty of water and eating delicious, healing food.

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