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Yoga for Life – Interview With Amy Lynn Grover

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Amy Lynn is a TV host, model, yoga instructor and nutrition expert living her dream. She believes in a yoga loving life and has been practicing yoga poses for over 16 years now. Since she is hosting her own column Yoga for Life here on, let’s get to know her a little better!

1) From what we can tell, you’re a total wellness geek. When and how did you develop your interest in wellness? Has it always been important to you or was there kind of an “Aha!” moment?

I was raised very healthy! My mom made all our food from scratch. We rarely ate at restaurants and I was a super active kid (dancing and sports). I believe I’ve turned into a bit of bigger wellness geek lately. I think it’s just one of those paths once you start learning and discovering things, you never want to look back. Plus I love how good I feel!

2) So what role does yoga play in your life? How do you think does yoga influence the people who practice it physically and mentally?

For me, yoga is life. My physical practice on the mat, is just a portion of it. Yoga helps me to mentally handle everything else that’s going on in my life. From driving in traffic, to handling people, and the way I see myself. Every aspect about my life circumvents back to my practice of yoga. Yoga makes you stronger in every capacity. It’s a discipline, yet it’s fun.

3) What do you think does yoga do better than other types of physical exercise?

It depends on how you practice… If you’re taking a strong Vinyasa Flow or Bikram class, I’m sure you’d find yourself getting a kickass workout. It is superior to many types of training due to the nature of it. Yoga utilizes the entire body throughout each pose and classes are always unique. This automatically leads to something called “muscle confusion”, which prevents your muscles to accommodate to a specific type of stress and thus boosts the physical effectiveness of your yoga practice.

4) How important is meditation to you? Do you see it as a substantial part of yoga practice?

Very important! I’m not one to chant, but I like to sit quietly 5-10 minutes daily in a restorative pose to start and set the tone for my day and/or close the day out. The entire yoga practice is quite zenning, especially if the breath is done correctly! Yoga is such a personal matter… some people will choose not to make meditation a part of their practice, yet without knowing it they might just stumble upon a whole new world for themselves.

5) Do you practice a particular style of yoga? Or do you have a favorite one?

I was trained in and love to practice Hatha Yoga. Also known in the West as Vinyasa Flow.

6) From your own experience, is it “enough” to do yoga on a regular basis to get and stay in shape?

My yoga guru, Ganga White, said to me “Always is always wrong and never is never right”… It really depends on the individuals needs and goals. I like to mix it up and participate in a variety of activities. Yoga is an excellent regime on it’s own or can be used as an addition to any current exercise program.

7) Let’s talk about food! What do you think people should eat more?

I think a wide variety of whole foods is essential to vitality! Personally, I don’t eat any grains or dairy and very little fruit. Whenever possible, eat natural local, in season, organic, unprocessed foods. Grilled, steamed or raw.

8) In how far do you think are healthy eating or a specific diet important for people who do yoga?

Yoga brings a certain level of awareness to everything, not all yoga practitioners eat granola and hug tress, yet there is something to be said about the effects it has on individuals engaging in conscious living. Being mindful of what goes into the body, treating others and the earth with care.

9) If you could give our readers three pieces of advice to make their yoga experience more rewarding, what would they be?

Have no expectations, breath deeply, play and have fun with the practice. It’s not that serious – pretend you are a little kid again!

10) You’re running your own weekly column called Yoga for Life here on What is your column about?

I will be talking about different aspects of yoga practice. I will also be doing video blogs on the subject and readers are welcome to contact me through and ask me questions pertaining to the practice or lifestyle evolved around Yoga.

Thank you Amy!

Check out Amy’s weekly column Yoga for Life and don’t miss her own website at!

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