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Yoga for Arthritis: Loosening Tight Joints

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It may come as a surprise for most people who consider yoga as an activity for flexible young people, but more and more folks with health problems and even those beyond 60 are seeking to enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of yoga. In fact, people suffering from arthritis may find yoga to be a great form of exercise to help them on their journey to a more pleasant and enjoyable life.

Yoga Improves Muscle Strength and Flexibility

People suffering from arthritis typically have problems with weak muscles and low energy levels. This often forces them into a sedentary life which in turn can lead to a downward spiral of increasing pain, more inactivity, and disability. One of the most important arthritis treatments recommended by experts is physical activity. Yoga for arthritis is a form of exercise which is safe and does not increase pain or worsen the disease. Among the benefits of yoga are increased muscle strength and improved flexibility. The stronger and more flexible your muscles are, the more impact they can absorb without putting your joints under too much stress. Yoga takes every joint in the body through its full range of motion. This helps lengthen muscles, reducing pain and even dependence on medication. Yoga also improves posture and body alignment which are both critical for people with arthritis.

The Road to Greater Overall Health

From a psychological standpoint, there are also many reasons that there is a growing use of yoga for arthritis relief. It is not uncommon to find people with arthritis also suffering from depression and anxiety as they live a life of pain and decreased mobility. Thousands of cases are now reported citing pain relief as one of the most important benefits of yoga for arthritis sufferers. This is partly due to the increased use of joints and muscles utilized in yoga. Once the pain decreases as a result of stronger and more flexible muscles, you will notice an improvement in the confidence of a person with arthritis. Like any other form of exercise, yoga can lead to a less stressful life and a better overall sense of well being, making it one of the best rehabilitative treatments for arthritis.

The benefits of yoga for arthritis sufferers continue to be proven by many documented cases and studies. Yoga provides physical benefits which reduce pain and inactivity associated with arthritis, and consequently increases positive feelings and well being. As with any new activity, however, it is best to take precautions. Talking with your doctor before joining a yoga class is highly recommended.

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