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Why You Should Invest in a Pregnancy Yoga DVD

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The changes associated with the pregnancy experience are rich and rewarding, but it can also be a roller coaster of emotional and physical transformation. One way to help cope with these is through adapting yoga techniques. Aside from delivering the benefits of yoga, a good pregnancy yoga DVD will help you to breath, move, and relax in a way that benefits both mother and child.

What Every Mother Should Know

Pregnancy yoga is a wonderful approach to the whole experience of birth and parenting. There are advantages not only for the mother, but for the baby as well, who will make a relatively calmer transition into the world that is a loving and peaceful environment beginning in the womb itself. The pelvic floor muscles form a net or hammock of muscles attached to your lower back and abdominal muscles, require specific training to give your uterus and other associated organs maximum support in pregnancy. The exercises that teach you to engage your bandhas or locks and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles are extremely crucial before and after giving birth.

Pregnancy, the Yoga Way

A good pregnancy yoga DVD should show you step-by-step yoga postures and sequences that are specially adapted for each trimester or stage of your pregnancy. In pregnancy yoga, most poses are adapted to suit your condition. It focuses a lot on strong leg positions to promote overall strength and stability. You can even do the Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation with adjustments in pacing and certain poses such as Chaturanga, which you can do with supports, as the pregnancy yoga DVD should show you. As your baby grows, yoga is used to strengthen, tone, and relax yourself. It also serves to create more space for your baby, especially in the torso and spine region. Additionally, the yogic principle of centering your system by aligning your spine while you focus on deep and even breathing serves to renew and reinvigorate your energy and draw from your inner strength. You will be using this reservoir of strength during your delivery (and no doubt, in the many years of child-rearing following).

Any good pregnancy yoga DVD will tell you that the such yoga will reduce strain when giving birth. Another important feature should be the demonstration of good relaxation techniques. This should be practiced from the moment of conception to at least 16 weeks after giving birth. This will help the mother heal and recover fully. It will also help you lay the foundations for the many years of mothering ahead.

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