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Why You Should Always Practice Savasana

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I often remind students at the end of teaching a challenging and sweaty Hot Power Yoga Flow class that we show up to the practice for the Savasana.

It is the moment of surrender when the idea of self dissolves, when we release the burdens that plague the body, the fears that invade the mind, and the expectations we place upon ourselves–inviting liberation to awaken from deep within the psyche.

How Do I Get Liberation?

Freedom is the natural state. At the core of human existence, a primal need to survive motivates us to exist within the structures of society—creating boundaries and limitations through which we channel ambitions and desires, and confront personal, relational and global conflicts.

All of these are real, of course.However, just as there is no denying that sustaining a Warrior III pose is a definite struggle, the struggle alone does not define the experience of yoga or of life. If anything, I encourage a physically challenging practice to break down the walls we have in place that define who we are in the world.

Those walls construct the much-needed ego, without them I could not be I, nor you would not be you. These beautiful distinctions provide individuality and a medium through which we engage our unique selves…and coexist, fall in love, and break apart to keep the cycle in motion.

Who Do You Think You Are?

However, we are NOT merely who we THINK we are. Savasana puts us back in our place, so to speak. Practicing at least five minutes serves as a visit home, where we invite presence or an acknowledgment of being right here and right now into the moment.

This we do without projecting into an undefined future or remaining stagnant in memories.

A few moments of simply observing BEing nothing more than an infinite state of blossoming rejuvenates the spirit and invites freedom from the depths into everyday life.

Savasana is peace.

Freedom is peace.

You are peace. Nothing more.

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