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Why We Should Learn The Art of Non-Escapism

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Escapism is a concept you’re most likely familiar with, it’s something a large part of society encourages as a means to sell more goods and to convince us that our reality is just a few steps away from mirroring a specific ideal.

We buy into this illusion and begin to pine after experiences, other people, things and external entities that promise an existence better than the one we’ve got.

Our world is brimming with escapologists; people are masters at escaping the less than dandy and mundane aspects of life through food, unhealthy and dependent relationships, too much TV, the Internet, social events, fancy vacations, and though I could go on, I think you see how easy it is to fall victim to escaping.

If we never step away to be alone with ourselves, we can spend our entire lives being escape artists and missing out on the wondrous art of non-escapism.

So what is this wondrous “non-escapism” I write of rather excitedly?

Non-escapism is not the opposite of escapism, for there is still loads of room to enjoy all the things we use to escape, but the reason we’ll be enjoying the cake, the new friend, or an episode of the TV show, will be completely different.

Non-escapism brings awareness to all that you feel in this given moment, whether you’re bored, overwhelmingly overwhelmed, apathetic, emotionally hurt or in a funky frenzy.

How Can We Become The Van Gogh of Non-Escapism?

Once we have this awareness, we can choose to not judge our feelings but to allow them to BE — the same way we allow the ocean to thrash, flow and be magnificent in it’s innate wisdom. After we accept our feelings (because we’re only human and humans have all kinds of kinds of feelings), we can direct our energy to something other than suppressing, numbing or hating on our emotions.

You can write about what you’re feeling, express your feelings through movement, read something that provides wisdom and comfort, head out into nature, talk to someone, or paint it out or Downward Dog it out — whatever feels right in that moment, that is empowering and comes from a place of self-respect.

It’s about whatever feels right that deepens your relationship with yourself and the Universe, even if just by a microscopic little itty bit.

Non-Escapism is a Thriving Art that Needs YOU

It’s about time we cordially and curiously invite this art form into our lives, as a sacred practice to truly live our lives and not by-pass the so-called “bad” to get to the good. It’s an art form we can master just as well, if not better, than escapism — because you really do deserve an authentic, enriching life.

Marlene MalikBy Marlene Malik – Marlene is a wanderer of the Universe, hailing from Africa and currently living in Toronto. She is pursuing a degree in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour and often can be found in Savasana, baking vegan goods, devouring literature, hugging/planting trees and enjoying long hikes. You can connect with Marlene on Twitter.

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