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Why I Love Chair Pose

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I know, love probably isn't the most common word associated with Chair pose.  But hear me out!  By the end of this article, not only will you understand why I am so fond of this difficult asana, you may just love it a little more yourself!

Chair Pose Is Hard

Chair pose is one of the hardest poses we encounter on a regular basis.  But isn't that great?  The next time someone makes a not-so-subtle "yoga is easy" comment, have them sit in chair pose for a while. I guarantee they'll change their tune.

All jokes aside, I enjoy the challenge chair pose offers.  This morning, my yoga teacher instructed a particularly difficult chair sequence.  We stayed in the pose for a long time.  And I mean long.  I didn't think I was going to make it.  But my teacher said something that really struck home with me.  She reminded us that yoga is physical and mental.  She challenged us, "Your bodies can do it!  Can your minds?"

So I stayed in the pose.  And she was right!  My body could do it!  I felt so strong!  And let me tell you, a forward fold has never felt so good.

Chair Pose Is Dynamic

My favorite thing about Chair pose is that it is such a dynamic pose.  One does not simply "get into" Chair pose.  Sure, you get into the squat, but it is the constant adjustments that make the pose. You can always lift your heart higher.  Bend your legs deeper. Tuck your pelvis more consiously. It is a pose about progess—just like our yoga practices.

As in chair pose, there is no "final product" in yoga. There is always more room for growth. To some, this may seem discouraging. I would challenge those people to change their prospectives. This is what inspires me about yoga; we can always get better! But yet, we are still perfect in our practices and lives, just the way we are.

Chair Pose Is Powerful

There's nothing like a good chair pose to make you remember just how powerful your body is, how powerful your breath is, how powerful you are. When your legs begin to tremble and you want nothing more than to give up, but you don't…That's power. That's strength.

We are capable of amazing things! Take this sentiment throughout your practice and your life. Live your life as the amazing person you are. And say a little "thank you" to chair pose for helping you get there!


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