Who We Are

DOYOU was launched as an online yoga resource in 2012. It was built to be a place where yoga, health, and fitness expert could share their knowledge and inspiration with the world. And it grew quickly. Less than a year after it went live, DY was already filled with over 1,000 articles and videos. Over the following years, the tiny team kept growing and continously added articles, videos, courses, and new features. With hundreds of thousands members today, we continue our mission to bring yoga, mindfulness, and fitness to people around the globe.

On a mission.

It’s pretty simple. You see, feeling great in your body and mind isn’t hard. It all comes down to making that first step and building a habit. And that’s what we’re here for. Our mission is to help you become healthy, strong, and confident by building a habit. The deal is simple. You make that tiny first step and we take you on a journey that has the power to change your life. Sounds good? Join us here.

Just call us DY.

The name is DOYOU, but our friends call us DY. We’re a pretty eclectic bunch from all over the place. The number one thing on our to-do list is to make our users happy. That’s why we try to talk to you guys as much as possible. That means that DY is always evolving. Our production team constantly works with amazing yoga, fitness, and mindfulness teachers to create new programs based on your feedback. And we wouldn’t be able to keep the ball rolling without our developers. They’re ongoingly coding new features. Lot’s of work, lot’s of fun, lot’s of high fives.

Speaking of high fives.

If you’d like to give us a high five you can email us here. We’d love to high five you back and answer any questions you have.

We receive a lot of business inquiries. If you run a company or want us to buy or sell something, then you’re free to send us a postcard to the address below. But note that our top priority is to keep our users happy and our second top priority is to eat as many wax apples as possible. Once that’s done, we sometimes answer business inquiries.


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