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Which Yoga Poses Can Improve My Sex Life?

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What yoga poses can improve my sex life? Christina A.

The Answer

Ah, I knew the day would come when I would have to answer this question, so thank you Christina. Western society, in it’s modernization of yoga, has given the practice quite the sexual connotation, in many aspects. People see others putting their feet behind their heads, or bending back into a down dog, or whatever it is and think one thing: sex. In fact, I’ve met many people who start practicing yoga for the pure intention of getting more skilled in the bedroom.

Now, obviously I think that yoga should be seen as a way to achieve much more than just favorite sexual positions, but alas, duty calls, so here we go.



3 Amazing Benefits Of Yoga InversionsFlipping upside down calms the mind and body, as blood flowing to the brain helps to eliminate stress and awaken our senses. Poses like headstand, plow, shoulderstand, and even downward facing dog provide an invigorating sense of ease, which you can imagine, is an important component of good sex.

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Yoga TwistsTwists are undoubtedly the most difficult poses to breathe in for many people. The contorting effects that twists have make it easier to forget the breath. So, while taking these twists, focus more on massaging your insides with each and every breath. Doing this helps us to connect to the present moment, and where else would you want to be than present while in the bed? Along with twists are binds in the “hard to breathe” category. Poses like eagle (hellllllooooo cervix), bound side angle, and especially bound seated spinal twists, are great ones to simply chill out in and just be.

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Hip openers

How To Avoid Hurting Yourself During Hip Opener Yoga PosesWide legged forward folds, goddess pose, pigeon, there are so many hip openers that are so good for so many reasons. The hips hold a TON of emotion and sensation, so when we start to open them up we begin to unleash. Holding these poses for a longer amount of time will also help to let go of tightness and promote flexibility (wink, wink).

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Additional Information

All in all, yoga helps people to cultivate a strong sense of body awareness. I see so many people come into my classes who are, to put it simply, just so out of their own bodies. Watching the progression, students learn how to move their bodies and understand what they’re doing instead of just a “monkey say, monkey do” ordeal, is such an amazing experience.

This body intelligence and awareness is integral in understanding how to treat your body right, do things with ease and comfort, and most importantly, feel amazing. Now, if that’s not what sex is all about, I don’t know what is.

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