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What To Avoid If You Want To Be Unstoppable

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Ever notice how in all the comics, fairytales and against-the-odds stories of the most amazing, powerful and cool super heroes, every dang one of them seems to have a weakness. Nobody gets away, no one escapes it. Even the great Superman has his kryptonite.

And although you may not be able to bend steel bars or leap tall buildings with a single bound (does he even do that anymore?), I can assure you that you too have amazing powers of your own.

Maybe you can make a meal in minutes, do a handstand in the middle of the room or parallel park like a boss. Perhaps you're a super mom or can plan a party like nobody's business. Whatever your unique (and awesome) powers are, me (and Ayurveda) can assure you that like all the great heroes, you too will have your kryptonite. Here's why…

According to ayurveda our natural state is healthy. So we're kinda endowed with this pillar of health to stand on from the time of conception. Only thing is, everything we've come into contact since conception has the potential to keep us balanced up on our pillar or to throw us off balance resulting in ill-health and disease.

But, if you could figure out what throws you off balance, if you could discover your kryptonite (and bury it at the bottom of the sea…so to speak), imagine the possibilities…

The concept of balance and imbalance is one of the most life-changing things I've learned about Ayurveda. Discovering the things in my environment (and my own head) that undermined my power to connect, radiate and be my authentic self (mind, body and spirit). Hello! That was HUGE. I mean who knew that by reducing my anxiety I would drop to a healthy weight. Who knew that hydrating and oiling my body would help the fog in my mind to lift and allow me to engage with those around me in a more authentic way. Who knew that all of that would give me the confidence to find my voice and use it (how ya like me now!).

Now I'm convinced. Tracking down what messes with your ability to shine is a key part of using your powers for good. So what's your kryptonite? Any ideas? I might have a few…

In ayurveda, just like in anything, we embrace the idea of moderation. The trouble starts when we overstep our limits and tip the scales into excess territory. Your limits are unique and based on the characteristics of your dosha. This means that being unstoppable is about your ability to balance the qualities of your true nature with the qualities of the world around you.

So let's start there… who are you again?

Are you a Vata…?

Hello Vata you're governed by the air element. Your powers are creativity, flexibility, and speed (in everything, thinking and doing). The qualities of vata are cold, dry, light, and moving. All of these qualities in the right proportions and you'll have the wind beneath your wings. Too much of these qualities and you'll have a hurricane on your hands.

  • These qualities can show up in lots of different ways in your daily life, but what really throws vata off balance is…
  • Too much light, dry and raw foods
  • Excessive travel
  • Alcohol, Coffee, tea and smoking
  • Excessive sensory activity
  • Suppressing your inner creativity
  • Getting to bed late
  • Eating on the run

How you know when the winds are picking up… Constipation, dryness, headaches, low back pain, gas and bloating, Moodiness, Addiction, memory loss, and insomnia.

Are you a Pitta?

Hey Pitta you're governed by the fire element. You have the power to charm the pants off people, organize anything, and lead enthusiastically. Pitta qualities are hot, sharp, light, intense. In the right amounts you can light up the world but too much heat and you can (and will) burn your own house down (with perhaps a little collateral damage).

Intensity is definitely a part of your daily existence but what throws pitta off balance is…

  • Too much overly spicy, sour and salty foods
  • Eating while angry
  • Coffee, black tea, alcohol and smoking
  • Over-working
  • Being overly competitive
  • Fasting or missing meals
  • Getting over heated physically and mentally

How you know when things are getting too hot… Inflammation, Skin rashes, psoriasis, bad breath, canker sores, ulcers, anger/rage, arrogance, aggression, materialism, insomnia.

Are you a Kapha?

Howdy Kapha you're governed by the earth element. You are a powerful lover and listener and you're built to hold the world on your shoulders (and often do). Kapha qualities are cold, moist, heavy and static. In the right quantities they create a perfect and strong foundation for emotional stability and happy living. But overdo it and you'll end up with a mud-slide that can leave you good and stuck.

Your life is full of calm, cool, sweet stability but what throws kapha off balance is…

  • Excessive amounts of fatty, soft, and sweet foods
  • Emotional eating (especially sweets)
  • Too much time in cool damp climates
  • Not enough exercise
  • Staying inside too much
  • Holding back your emotions/Not expressing yourself
  • Focusing on material goods or money

How you know when you're on the slide… obesity, diabetes, colds and flu, allergies, lethargy, dullness, greed, attachment, depression, complacency, hoarding.

So take a good long look. Anything seem familiar? Any pennies dropping out there? I bet there are.

And you may notice that some of the very things that knock you over are the things you love. But take heart (remember kryptonite came from Superman's own planet!!), and realize that the what's closest to home is often the hardest to see. The beauty, is discovering that something you never thought was holding you back might be just the thing that's keeping you from soaring. And now, with a little awareness and moderation you just might be ready to put on your cape.

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