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Weak Immune System? 5 Surprising Things That May Be Affecting You

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These days, we’re all scrambling to boost our weak immune system.


We’re eating all the right foods, taking all the proper vitamins and supplements, and shredding through our immunity-boosting workouts. We’re clocking 7 to 8 hours of sleep nightly, washing our hands with soap and water every 15 minutes, and keeping our stress levels as low as possible.


On top of that, we’re wearing particle-filtering face masks and sanitizing everything around us with hospital-grade isopropyl alcohol.


Virus or no virus, you’ve got it all under control. Precaution is your name, and immunity is your game… right? Well, not quite. See, despite our engagement in various virus-proofing activities, an unlikely set of causes can still produce a weakened immune system.


Want to make sure you’re out of the running for catching infections and disease? Check out these 5 surprising, completely unexpecting things that cause a weak immune system.

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1. You’re lonely.

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Prolonged loneliness increases your stress hormone levels. Cortisol can negatively affect your brain’s behavior, including its detection and regulation of a weak immune system. Basically, feeling lonely can make your body less effective at fighting off illness.

2. You exercise too much.


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While regular exercise keeps your immune system healthy, there is such a thing as exercising too much. In fact, it could actually be a weak immune system cause.

How? Overexercising can increase your risk of injury due to overuse, leading to trauma and a compromised immune system, even.

3. You don’t have enough healthy gut bacteria.


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We usually think of bacteria as the cause of infections. Well, our body actually needs to have a healthy population of good gut bacteria to stay healthy. Good gut bacteria can fight off any potentially infectious intruders in our digestive system.

4. You’re too clean.


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A far too clean environment can actually create a weakened immune system. Increased hygiene is correlated with an increase in allergic conditions.

5. You’re in a toxic, anxiety-Inducing relationship.


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Anxiety is one of the most common causes of illness and a weak immune system. If you’re having trouble ending an anxiety-inducing relationship with a toxic individual, talk to a counselor, therapist, or your allies.

Tweak that weak immune system


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So make sure you consider these unlikely factors when strengthening your weak immune system. Life’s too short to waste on being unwell or on battling some unwelcome disease, don’t you think?

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